Good over the counter liver support


I have tudaca, NAC, liv52 and taurine( typically only use the tudca and NAC daily but now I’ll be combining the taurine like @bigmurph suggested) and I also always keep choline and inositol as a back up- I may have stated this before but it did wonders for a buddy who had serious issues to due to excessive alcohol usage


I know this is an old thread, but what kind of dose did you run with Tudca/Taurine ? I placed an order for both as im on cycle at the moment but only using milk thistle atm.


@Islandswole the back up of choline and inositol were used for your buddy that had an alcohol issue or the other liver support? Hopefully he stopped drinking!


Choline and inositol, doctor had prescribed him some other stuff and it wasn’t helping at all so we did research and he eventually decided to give it a shot and it worked wonders.


That’s good to hear! I ask because I used to be a big drinker. So appreciate you sharing that!


You’re welcome, glad to hear it’s in the past brother.


Im glad to, I always feel bad for anybody who ever has to deal with it, the struggle is real!


Definitely man.


What would your friend recommend for dose on the choline and inositol? 500mg each 1 per day?


I’ll ask him for the protocol he followed, as well as try to find the articles on it and get back to you bro


Good all around?

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Haven’t heard back from my buddy yet, but here’s a video that gives you some info on it.
@phd @trengod @rnmuscle what are your thoughts on “ask the doc- Dr. Rand McClain”


I book marked this so I can watch when I get home from work