Good news/ bad news




Thanks for all the support! It’s crazy to see how everybody here comes together like a family. It was such a relief, been wanting to get this done for about 8 Years now!
I have to wear the vest for a week straight but I can take it off tomorrow to shower. My chest have been draining fluid, which is normal. I’ll be posting up pictures every week


how the heck did i miss all this ??? for some reason this never showed in my feed till today. i am glad it all went awesome and you will ne back at it before you know it…you are young you will retain alot and bounce back better than ever :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:… Still scratching my head on how i missed all this. but very happy its great news all the way.


Yea I actually just got it today!
They gave me pain medication, so I don’t really feel much lol


nice they must gave some strong stuff! :rofl::rofl:


Godspeed on the healing process. Allow your body to do what it does best before pushing it.


Day after the procedure! I’m allowed to take it off while I shower! My chest feels really sore but I’m so happy right now,that it doesn’t even matter.



awesome! its all gone u are going to fly now buddy! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Just so you guys have a idea how my Chest looked before. Sometimes in extreme heat, it would flare up even more. Thanks for support guys! Can’t wait to get back


Omg bro looks so much better very happy for you! Get well soon man :wink:


Thanks brother! Make some gainzzzz for me while I’m out the gym lol


1 week post opp! Swelling has gone down tremendously. My bruising has been going away as well. My nipples are still slightly numb and achey. My left nipple is actually bleeding a bit since it got so dry, it cracked lol. Slowly starting to not need the pain medication anymore. The most annoying part of this process, is this garment I have to wear. It’s the worst. Summer is here, so it’s freaking hot wearing it under my clothing.


Success…Good for you! Man, what a boost to your confidence.

Quit complaining and start doing! :wink:


Thanks brother
It definitely has been a boost to my self esteem!


It looks awesome brother, so happy for you


I missed this too…nice implants…or was it gyno surgery? Either way, heal well.


@rnmuscle thanks brother lol


:rofl::rofl:…well i seen him throw up some pretty heavy flat bench kinda easy…so those are real :rofl::rofl::rofl: i am trying to get pecks like those!


Congrats man pecs looking jacked!!