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Hey everyone! I unfortunately have to come off gear much earlier than I expected. I was running gear from iron junkie and symbiotic labs. Sustanon, npp, And winstrol! I was seeing some good gains from them. I’m currently 6 weeks in and planning to come off this week. Normally, I’d be upset at the fact, to come off gear unexpectedly, but it’s for a great reason. I was finally able to get the chance in a lifetime, to get surgery for my gynecomastia. I been having gyno way before I started using gear. I started noticing the gyno appear at the age of 14-15. I thought working out would make the gyno go away( one of the reasons I started to workout in the first place) , until I came across forums and learned what gyno actually was. While using gear, I still used arimidex, nolvadex, aromasin and cabergoline. I actually saw a slight decrease with my current gyno situation over the time I was using gear. I’m officially 15 days out pre opp.
I’m so ready to get this over with. Although I’m coming off gear early, I’m actually happier than ever. I’m going to keep you guys updated!

Any suggestions you guys have after the surgery to try to maintain muscle. It’s usually 4 weeks off the gym.


Shot you a PM bro




Damn bro. Glad you’re getting that handled. Good luck with the procedure.


Thanks man! I’ve been having it for about 8 Years now and finally getting out the way!


Praying for a quick and successful recovery @mataa59. Take it easy and get fully healed. You will be surprised how quickly your body will find its way back to where it was. No need rush or be overly concerned about a little muscle or strength loss.

I have no experience in this matter concerning gyno surgery but I am sure you will get solid advice from others in the know. I am just reaching out to let you know I am excited for you and sending good thoughts your way.



Good luck on the procedure my brother im surr it will all turn out just fine


I appreciate that brother! I’ll try my best not to even think about that because after the recovery, it’s all uphill after that.


Thanks brother!
Expect a big order from me after I recover!:joy:


hey bro, all will be fine. This is just little break :slight_smile: I’ve PM to you

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Day of the procedure! Officially 2 hours prior surgery


stay strong @mataa59 all will be fine!!!

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Thanks brother! I appreciate it


Good luck bro


Good luck men


Surgery went amazing! Thanks for the support guys


Looks like my cats puke lol. Glad all went well buddy.


The surgery was a success!
Ill keep guys updated throughout the recovery!


Glad it went well bud


Thats great man very happy for you! I can only imagine how you must have felt having to carry that burden around. Sending many prayers and quick recovery my man!