Good Exemple


Acknowledging people over the do’s and dont’s is just part of the protocol. Rules and regulations are very necessary and essential, but is simply part of the structure. Meetings and verbal observations are a great tool with…".some"level of effectiveness ; advises and suggestions are always good…but is all they are advises. Orders and mandatory commands are a important part of leadership and good guidance…telling people what they “MUST” do , no doubt, is imperative…effective? to some level only.
The scripture says: Love one another as " I HAVE LOVED YOU" ; Jesus SHOWED us what to do. in my business you can read the rules to people everyday and it wont make no change what so ever…they have to SEE the leader DOING the right thing , not talking about it, but doing it.
Personally i don’t believe in preaching , i don’t believe in sermons; i believe in the way you live…Long ago i heard from a very wise man: Don’t forget people see the way you live.
My behavior…just simply the way i am should be an encouragement to people, my attitude should bring joy to my family, my simple presence hast to be a reason of happiness among my loved ones.
My people walk straight not because i scream at them everyday, but because I WALK STRAIGHT every day…the see me doing what i say i do. You can only build your family by being a good example to them.
Father in the name of Jesus i pray for every family on this forum, i pray for every brother and sister that works hard to put food on the table, i pray for their prosperity, i pray for their health. I pray for wisdom to make the right decisions and the strength to carry on…in Jesus name. God bless you all.


thank you. Agreed , I am judged by actions not by my intentions. I would never suggest anything that I have not or wouldn’t do myself.


I always speak from the heart and my suggestions are pulled from all my years of experience doing the right and the wrong things. We never know how itll play out till we try it. Sometimes amazing things come from exploring the unknown or the uncomfortable