Gingerlifter and his DHB cycle log


Well after consulting a few of the knowledgeable guys on here that have ran dhb I got some pretty solid tips. I injected in the glute on sunday and used some mig oil (provided by iron junkie at no cost because he’s awesome) and almost 0 pain. I just added .5 of the oil. After adjusting my protocol to include the AI, I believe I have everything in order now and I’m really enjoying this product. Training the last week has been phenomenal and my appetite is substantial!


Told you that sterile oil would help out big time bro! So happy you listened because this dhb is amazing shit! Im in week 14 and my strength is still climbing each week. Ive added over hundred pounds on my squat for 6 rep sets over that time period. It truly is amazing how good this stuff works! Im literally blown away as ive never used anything that has caused me this much strength and endurance gains. Im loving it!


Your advice was very much appreciated! I can definitely feel it kicking in.


Im really feeling like dhb is in my future


I was sceptical at first. I thought I was dumb for not going with a tried and true old school combo but the super low sides were attractive. Plus no estrogen increase from it and lots of positive reviews from people. I will say now that it has kicked in I have zero
Regrets. Take it for what it is since I’m still new at this but this is way above what my test and tbol cycle was and I dont feel lethargic constantly like with that cycle. Plus I like to be different lol


I appreciate this post because it makes me want it even more.
Im almost definitely going to run a dhb,primo cycle 400mg of both with mhn as an oral.
I can’t wait to run this.
I appreciate yours and @MBTJR1980 and others who have shared the experience with dhb. Everyone has really helped me out to come to the decision that it is the right compound for me to run.


No prob at all brother glad i could help @Gingerlifter as well! Trust me you will enjoy this compound for sure it is unlike anything ive ever used before!


Well guys this is going great. I hit chest hard today with a buddy and I’m doing personal records on about everything. The injections cause very little pain now that I switched to glutes and added some mig oil. The only problem is that even at 3800 calories a day and over 300 grams of protein I’m losing a little weight. I’m at 232 as of this morning and I was at 236 a week ago. My appetite is still insane and I’m getting pretty vascular. I’m gonna try bumping up the calories to 4000 and see what happens. I’m supposed to be getting a blood test this week to see how everything is going but I feel great! If anyone has any reservations about DHB I would go for it!


I love that it is taking weight off even while eating a strong diet.
I wanted to ask you what you think about estrogen and progesterone levels.
Is DHB causing any type of rise in levels or possibly any side effects?
I know that you have been running long enough now to give a good description about anything other than gains that you might be feeling happen from running the DHB?
Im really curious any information about body temperature, blood pressure, side effects really anything is greatly appreciated.


I actually dont feel any adverse effects. My blood pressure has been just slightly elevated at 140s over 70s. I felt like my estrogen levels might have been a little high at first until I started the arimidex and now everything seems fine. I just took my temp and its 98.6. After the kidney pains and stuff from my first cycle I felt pretty unsure about aas in general but this time around I’m going strong in week 5. If you can stand a little pip it’s a really amazing compound. I’ll post the bloodwork when I get it done to confirm everything is cool though.


That’s great im 99% sure that DHB is my next cycle. I appreciate your log and the information about the compound. It has made me rethink my cycle plans and decide that dhb is the better choice over a nor19 to run along side primo.
I believe that the pip might effect me at the beginning but it tends to fade into the background once I get going. I know that aas doesn’t cancel out pain but I definitely feel less as my cycle gets going.


Until your next waffle party. :joy:


Well you know lol


Hey guys I pin on sundays and wednesdays. Which day should I get blood drawn? Would Wednesday morning before injection work?


That would be perfect. Late Tuesday would work also based on what works for your schedule.


Thanks man. I’m assuming I need to be fasted so I’ll go tomorrow morning.:+1:


I got bloods drawn on Wednesday morning. I’ll post results when I get them. Thanks @SemperFi for the privatemdlabs suggestion. Place is quick and easy to order from and with discount code dec2018 I saved 10 percent. 90 bucks and some change for a blood test. A peace of mind priceless!



Pin was sunday and labs were drawn Wednesday morning. I dont know a lot about it but it looks pretty good to me.


Looks pretty good man. What dose are you running your test at? Also, is your liver panels normally higher or have you been drinking or using OTC pain meds like excedrin or aspirin? They aren’t scary by any means, I was just curious.