Gingerlifter and his DHB cycle log


Yeah man hows it going with dhb so far? Its a slow burner so plan on staying on it for 16 weeks. Im at week 12 and strength is still climbing


The pinning is better. Very little pip. As far as the dhb im not feeling any effects yet but it’s only been a week and a half. I can definitely feel my increased testosterone levels. Im planning a 12 week cycle but I may have to extend that by a few weeks. Thanks for following along guys!


Well guys today starts week 2 of the cycle. Training is going well with some decent strength gains. I think I am starting to feel the dhb. My muscle just looks and feels harder and more vascular. I know I didn’t have this with just tbol last cycle. The pinning is still causing pip for around 3 days after but it’s nota real bad pain. Really I can only feel it when squatting and even then it’s very bearable. Im happy so far. We had Thanksgiving with my parents last night so I ate all my calories for the week in one sitting. That’s cool right? :rofl:


Im enjoying reading your log because even though it looks like im going to run a different cycle I really enjoy reading about the dhb and how it is working out for you.


Woke up this morning with such bad pip in my right quad that I can barely walk. My lord… I’m not sure why this one hurts so much worse than the others but damn. I may have to reduce my dose of dhb! I should add I weighed in this morning and I’m sitting at 235. That’s about 8 pounds and this is only week 3:thinking:


Where are you looking to be at with the weight?


Well I was hoping to go from 225 to 240 with a lean gain. I’m honestly not gaining any body fat that I can see. I noticed with the first cycle that I’m a super gainer. I put on 15 pounds in an 8 week cycle of just tbol and 300 test. The results are surprising.


If the pip begins to effect your training regimen you may have to decide to eliminate it all together. PIP prone products make for a very unpleasant cycle.

Thanks for keeping us up to date @Gingerlifter


@Gingerlifter do you believe that the last pin was worse because of the inj site or possibly something else?
I would ask if you can check your vial closely to be sure that it hasn’t begun to crash.
Actually roll the vial exposing the inside of the vial to the air in the vial so you can see if any crystals have begun to form on the walls of the vial. These crystals can sometimes not be seen if the oil is covering them.
Im just curious about why this pin was so much worse than the others?
Are you using as many different inj sites as possible with a good rotation?

Thanks for the info


I checked the vial and its crystal clear. I used my right quad which is one of my usual go to places. I usually just rotate quads. I heated the oil, took a shower, sat with a heating pad after the pin and massaged the area. That’s my usual regimen so I’m not sure what would have been different? It’s gotten better as the day has gone on but I barely hobbled down the stairs to go to work this morning.


Did you feel a point where you were pinning then felt resistance again? I’ve hit scar tissue like that in the muscle and that’s what it felt like and hurt like a sum bitch for about a day.


Actually come to think of it I did hit a little resistance but I didn’t think much of it. Maybe that combined with the dhb might have caused my problem?


Dhb depending on how it is made can cause some fkn painful pinning. I add a ml of sterilized cottonseed oil to my shots to help with pip and it has helped big time! Def advise giving that a shot lol parden the pun :+1:t2:


With @Gingerlifter usage history in wasn’t scar tissue. I think it is most likely simply the nature of the product.


I’ve been on weekly trt for 3 years or so now. Scar tissue is very possible.


I stand corrected @Gingerlifter. I didn’t realize your replacement history.


No biggie. I used 22g needles all these years and just now got smart and switched to 25g. Way less painful and hopefully less damaging.


@Gingerlifter oh I remember starting with 21 and 22g! That’s was terrible. Now I have a shit load of scar tissue in my glutes and delts. Sometimes I literally have to brake through the scar tissue or pull the pin out and start over bc the oil will not come out.


I started with 23g and I definitely have some scar tissue because of it. Sometimes I get into some scar tissue now with a 27 or even a 25 and the plunger won’t budge. It freaks me out because I’ll still try to push the plunger and I picture the pin just coming loose and launching itself like a blowgun dart into my leg.


Another injection today and I’m hoping I dont feel it tomorrow. I’m in week 3 of shortcut to size and can tell there are some significant strength gains. I feel like my muscles are more hardened I guess is the word. Also my appetite has been insatiable the last few days. It’s making eating on a set caloric number hard. I’m also experiencing a slight lack of a sex drive and a little bit of fatigue which is unusual for me. I think I’m gonna start some adex at .25 the day after injections to see how I feel. I’m getting blood work done at the beginning of December so we will see what the actual numbers are at. Other than the pip that lasts around 72 hours I’m feeling great and feel like the DHB cycle is finally starting to kick in.