Gingerlifter and his DHB cycle log


I’ll be running a basic weekly log to track my 12 week cycle. I’m going to update once a week on diet, exercise, and the gear. As far as gear I’ll be doing 2 pins a week Wednesday/Sunday at 1.5 ml per shot plus 25 mg of tbol for 3 weeks. This equals out to 210 mg (.7 ml) test cyp 300 and 160 mg DHB (.8 ml ) per injection. I’m running @Iron_Junkie_Labs test ,turinabol ,and DHB. I’ll also be using iron labs cycle support. I’ll be following my personal hero Jim Stoppanis program shortcut to size. I train Friday- Tuesday due to my schedule. And will be taking wednesday/Thursdays as active rest days. As far as nutrition I run maintenance at 3300 calories a day and run a 35% 40% 25% carb/protein/fat . It’s another weird number but it works for me. I’ll be raising calories to 3800 daily. I’m deciding what my carb cycling will consist of.
Current stats
227lbs 5’11 12% bodyfat (give or take)
All blood work was within specs
I’m on trt so there is no Pct for me.

I’ll try to log weekly food intakes and training session highlights. I’m new to writing long stuff on here but I’m giving it a try…because I was force to by a triple dog dare. I start next friday.


Nice dude. I see you got convinced haha. Glad to see another logger.


Oustanding. I will follow your example as agreed!


I can say it will be nowhere near as detailed and awesome as yours but I will attempt to give my experiences. I have been following your log for quite some time.


You better. You’re making me do work!:grin:


Awesome bro. Just do your best. Doesn’t need to be Like mine. Make it unique to you. Besides @Berserker already has the copy cat of my log down, we don’t need a third :wink:


Just facts. But I started after you so technically he’d be copying me. Just sayin


My daily food intake is boring to most people but I’m a creature of habit.
1/2 cup old fashioned oats
1 scoop ps whey glazed donut
2 eggs over easy
1/2 cup granola
Black coffee

6 oz chicken breast
1/2 cup brown rice
2 cups broccoli, kale, or spinach

12 PM
6oz chicken breast
1/2 cup brown rice
2 cups broccoli, kale, or spinach

1 quest bar somewhere between 1 and 2pm

4pm post workout
2 scoops ps whey glazed donut
Creatine 5g
1 box raisins

Dinner with the family. I always mix it up and try to hit my macros. My wife would kill me if I made the Same thing every night. Tonight was 8oz steak with 6 oz of white potato and a few cups of a broccoli, mushroom, carrot mix I made.

2 cups milk
1 scoop animal Casein protein

Usual macros are 300+ protein 280 or less carbs and around 80-90 grams of fat. I actually enjoy the consistency of my meals. To add 500 calories I’ll bump up my chicken and rice to 8 oz and a cup per meal. I know I’m boring lol.

Any tips and advice are greatly appreciated. You wont hurt my feelings. I’m a ginger so I have no soul and a good sense of humor. I used to be a fat slob at 300 lbs when I was 21. I dropped down to 185 using diet alone and then started hitting the gym when I was 24. I have been consistently adjusting ever since throwing in some intermittent fasting occasionally during cuts.


Great opening to your log! You set a high standard to follow bro.

Great job on cutting all that weight. That says a lot about your commitment.


You’re a natural!! Nice work outlining your diet. I think most of us are super habitual. I eat same foods at same time every single day. Nothing stops me from my meals lol


Didn’t semperfi say that if you post one he would post one?


Looking forward to reading your log. When you can tell, can you post any effects from DHB? (e.g. mood, libido, appetite, etc)


Uh… someone is slow on the take and too lazy to read the entire thread before posting a response. I ain’t saying your slow @josh or lazy… well maybe just a little. Ending on a positive note you are damn fast at posting. :star_struck::grin:

I will get mine up before Monday since that is the day I begin the 10 Week Winter Bulking Program I posted in the forum. Ginger and I can help each other be accountable to at least weekly updates.


Your right I didn’t catch that one… I’ll give you that one (and maybe a few more eventually)


Im interested going to be following glad to see you are keeping a log brother


Very solid plan/cycle there brother! Cant wait to here about the progress! :muscle:


Did my first pin today. I was nervous as dhb is notorious for pip but none whatsoever. Good to go. I am not starting the new training program until Friday but I hit some legs today.
Front squats 8x3
Leg press 10x3
Leg ext 12 x 3
Romanian DL 8x3
Leg curls 12x3
Farmers walks and 20 min on the stairmaster.

Nutrition was on point and all is well.


Very nice man. I’m a sucker for a good leg day lol. As for the DHB, I’d hate to be there bearer of bad news but you’re not out of the woods yet. PIP from DHB usually doesn’t set in until about 24 hours later. If you can go 48 hours without any PIP then you’re g2g.


Hey man you could have let me had the next 8 hours thinking I was safe lol. Well hopefully I wont feel it tomorrow then.


Did you mix the test and dhb same pin 1.5ml right?
I believe that was how you were doing it.