Getting macros organized and fixed up is tough


It’s hard getting your diet right, but it’s a work in progress, the myfitnesspal app has really been an amazing tool in the process of getting my diet right. I play with my food a little everyday trying to tweak things little by little to get me on the right track… today was a good day, but now I gotta work on getting sodium and cholesterol lowered… but here was my macros for the day


Just make sure you’re careful using that app. It has become overstarated with incorrect data. Use labels when you can our actual nutrition databases. It has a lot of accurate and useful stuff, don’t get me wrong. But if you’re not used to doing it and know about what certain foods should be, you may get some that are way off and not realize it. If it looks off do some
More digging.


That’s what I’m trying to do as best as I can… it’s a whole other world trying to get my diet in check. It’s crazy how just the small shit can throw everything off! But im still learning and I’m taking daily advice from all you guys and trying to incorporate it into my practices and routines! As always thanks for the heads up


I had a cheat day today… and didn’t work out… holy crap do I feel horrible doing that… over 4000 calories, that was the tough part!


Was it a cheat day or cheat meal? Planned or unplanned? Cheat are awesome and worth t but should be planned and for a purpose. Always on a big body part day too.


It was a cheat meal, planned, but what wasn’t planned was the no workout part… it was my first day back to work since my new baby son was born last week, and we had dinner plans. But when I got off work my wife needed a few things done before we went out for dinner so I wasn’t able to get my workout in… and dinner went to late for a workout anytime after.


Hats okay dude. Family time always comes first. Use those cals tomorrow and smash a good one.


Will do… thanks for reading this bro!