Genetic limit


When i was competing 176 was the heaviest i ever was, somewhere between 10-12% and then started dieting down for a show (light weigh class 155 1/4). one time i was 180 something but i was soft. This time around that i came back to cycling i really wanted to see how heavy i can get staying around 12%, this time i have more experience and more money to buy what i need. Well am 12 weeks into this 20 weeks cycle…i got up to 184, but i did not like it at all, after adding adex and masteron p and droping carbs just a little, am back to 176-178 but much better muscle quality, better form, i feel great tone. It seems though i just can not get heavier, well am 54…am probably facing my genetic limit. Have you ever felt like that?


I don’t know if I’ve ever hit my genetic limit but I’ve hit times where I had to consider my health condition and diet/cycle down for overall quality of life. Gaining muscle was always easy for me. It was the cutting the fat that was hard.


Everything is hard for me i have no talent, no gift…But am very disciplined


Am 54


Ive been all the way up to 318lbs at 5’8” but i felt like death, always sweating, out of breath, my sleep apnea was at its worse i hated it! Plus literally couldnt fit into any clothes lol now i stay around 265-275lbs lean as hell feel soooo much better and look way better still a fkn beast in the gym :smiling_imp:


WoW you are a monster


Looking good


Thanks brother


well i have extremely small frame and not big boneded like u. i am at 5’ 9"… muscular for me would be 185 at most…when i am that weight u are i feel like i am going to die! my frame cannot handle that much weight apparently…so i guess my genetic limitations is to my skeletal frame


wait…arnt u the one doing flying kicks and can shave with your feet?..with the flexibility and all…u got plenty tallent/ skills


No talent, just commitment


Looking pretty damn good for 54 brotha should be damn proud of yourself!!


See what you did…you just became the happiest thing of my day


Just being honest and thats awesome! Glad i was able to put a smile on your face Pastor :grin:


Yes you did beloved


I’ve got a similar build to you.
Even with moderate cycles i struggled to get much bigger than 210#
If I slack up on eating big then the weight melts off.

My goals have changed a little lately, and big is less of a priority than it once was.
Happy, healthy and strong is how I hope to cross over to 50 years old.

I’ve been doing bjj as often as I can for the last couple of months. It is cardio like ive never done before… I leave with a gi that is completely soaked in sweat.
It also has reduced my gym time as I struggle to recover from day to day training.
Down 10 pounds in 2 months without even trying to cut.
Oh, i also have the same amount of chest hair, lol.


Ha ha, excellent


Brother I hope that I look as good as you do it 54 and I don’t think you’ve reached any limit I think you’re just on a plateau and when we hit a plateau we just have to adjust different things and our lifestyle and Out The Gym and that will change what we can accomplish if you keep doing the same things over and over then those limits might have been reached but there’s always something that you can change that will put you on another level in a different place. My recommendation would you take a step back and look at maybe any and all things that you could possibly tweak here and there and then get in there and kill it and you will accomplish anything you set your mind to if you believe that you’ve hit your genetic limit then your mind will believe that too and your body follows your mind push forward with your mind and your body will follow I promise.


5’8 318LBS

Party like a rockstar
F like a pornstar
Lift like a MONSTAR


What’s bjj brother im not familiar with the abbreviation??