Gear in relationships


How many of you are lucky enough to have a wonderful wife or partner who supports your use as long as you monitor your health? I’m one of those lucky SOBs and sometimes I forget how lucky I actually am haha


My wife is cool with it also… She definitely keeps track of time on and time off and PCT… kinda keeps me grounded but it’s a good thing!


Same here, plus she helps me pin even though she hates needles but yes, definitely a good thing!


I must be part of the lucky sob group bc my wife makes one hell of an assistant as well. She also hates needles but pins me on glute days and doesn’t even complain (most of the time) when I have to wake her up at 3:00am before I head to the gym. But then again I’ve always known I’m pretty lucky to have her.


Blessed right here as well, she admires my passion cause is hard for her to stay committed; she just started with sibutremine, we work out together most of days, best friend ever


I think it depends on the person. Mine supports me as well but even when dating no one was really against it. Most guys using are good honest people that work hard and just want a better body and/or passion for the sport. The hardest thing to overcome is media bias about steroid users. Those fucking lifetime tv shows lol.

Maybe its harder for guys that are in relationships first and then want to start. But it should be pretty obvious to most women when they meet someone whose bodybuilding if they are on. My wife knew from day 1 without me saying anything.




It’s an awesome feeling bro


Glad to hear bro


Great point bro


My woman loves pinning me, and as long as I Treat her right and tell her I love her she doesn’t care what I do


My girl stalked me for my huge muscles and tatoos! Ive been honest with her from day 1 and she never gives me an ounce of shit about it. She knows im a good man, faithful, devoted, loving, caring, hard worker, sexy as fuck, and a monster between the sheets what more could she ask for :wink: lol all playing aside my girl is the fkn best shes smart, sexy, sweet and loves me for me!




My wife has loved me working out getting big never had a problem with me using for almost 9yrs yesterday she says that she wants me to stop.
I was like WTF
I think its because im actually really starting to look really good and I think that she might be getting insecure that I might cheat on her or something. Im really not sure but she took a total 180 about the situation.
I wouldn’t cheat on her to be completely honest but I think that it might have to do with her doing diets over and over struggling to lose weight. I tried to get her on another board and this one I introduced her to some of the best like kodiakqueen and C4BDS and guys that could help that were pros who charge 1000s a month for there training.

Im not really sure what to do to be honest im in the middle of my primo run doing great and I really try to always make her feel comfortable and important.
Im really stuck because I love my wife so much I would do anything for her but I honestly have a personal goal im trying to reach just like she is with her diet.

Any advice its a tough one


That is definitely a tough one bro.
I had a similar situation with my wife, she became insecure about my use due to me getting more attention. Not gonna lie, I almost lost this battle and nearly lost my wife but just continue to show her how much you love her. Try to explain to her how much your goal actually means to you. I’ll ask my wife about this and see if she has any advice. Best of luck to you brother.


Funny you say that, my wife and I were just having that conversation today. I’m truly blessed to have a wife as chill as mine. Plus she reaps the benefit of some good ol test too!!


Wish my wife had the sentiments as some of your wives. She’s no-go on gear and extremely questionable on SARMS and peptides. Sometimes she even gets on me about some of my supplements.


Yeah i think it has to do with you making progress and her insecurity that as you look better and better you will lose interest in her. Just make her understand that you will always love her and that its only a tool to help not magic potion. I wish you the best of luck brother :facepunch:t2:


Me my wife is very supportive in every way,she also uses anabolics I monitor her make sure she gets bloods every 3 mths ,and she has me do the same
Im very blessed to have her.


I too am one of the lucky ones!