just brought these anyone else got them ,need something to keep cool in


Uhh how about shorts busa?


Only shorts here in the gym and most places in summer, Besides gotta show off my calves I worked for :grin:


Nailed it!


I like those wind pants but goddamn bro its summer time shorts are mando!!






Lmao thats funny my man


I would love it then, no lie I’m in gym shorts n T-shirt year round, with the obvious exceptions if I’m going out to dinner, hunting or fishing… I am always hot


All vampires in the UK. Plus Doc’s don’t work well with shorts.:flushed: actually the bbers from there are keeping it real. Here everyone is physique this , boys bikini that. I would prep there for sure if I was young again. There are dungeons but on you tube I’ve seen some awesome gyms. There are some big dudes coming from England. There was always one or two but now there seems to be more. By the way, can you just walk into a pharmacy and get what you need or is there only a couple compounds available? Expensive? Even if legal here, there’s only a few things approved. I always wondered how that worked over there. The pharmacists can prescribe too, for certain things. Its a social type medicine too? That’s a good topic…European vacation…maybe ill move there. My teeth are shotty already. Lol…


I can’t even keep up with your posts, even after I re-read, and read slowly I’m still lost in the sauce


That’s not to say I don’t like them


I know…I have struggled all my life with ADD…panic attacks…a whole mess. Sports, and bodybuilding helped sooo much. Had to be individual not team. It became a blessing and I am able to help others. You wouldn’t believe what I do for work or that I actually can speak in front of large (more than 20) people…LOL😂 Dude, I’ve erased more posts than I’ve posted. I appreciate when its pointed out, so I am aware.


Ha ha I actually erase a lot to cause I look at it and I’m like hey moron that sounds really dumb and then people are gonna ask me a lot of questions that I can’t answer


Lol you two senior citizens im going to have to get special badges for your accounts lol

I hope that you don’t get offended you know I got love for you 2


no dude you cant walk in to pharmacy and get any thing decent ,you can get viagra and quiet a few do free needle exchanges ,its not illegle to use steroids but it is to buy them and sell them ,but i would just say i got my gear free on a promo ,theres a big alcohol prob and obesity .but there some great spit and sawdust gyms infact a lot are like dorians temple gym .the corperate gyms are not has big has in the states and they are not bad its pretty laid back really .prob 5 cops in my gym 2 are drug squad but they good guys .they have more probs with fighting knife crime and drugs than hassle guys who are just trying to workout and mind there own buissness ,infact i gave 1 a 10mlvial of test once .i sad you can fuck off i not selling it you but i give him a vial lol .next day there were 5 protien shakes paid for me by him lol