Ganabol - Blood Results


Alright guys!!! The time has come. I’ve been running Ganabol’s line of Test Cyp and currently in week 5 @200mgs a week. My results came back and I’m total test is at 1736 and my estrogen is at 53. I don’t think it’s too high (estrogen) but I’ll step up my AI but just wanted to let you guys know he’s legit, products are good and he’s a good sponsor. So please feel free to reach out to him I’ll be seeking his assistance further down the road.


Holy shit bro. How long after the pin did you wait to get bloods? That’s 8.7x the test dosage which is absurd. That’s more in line with 320mg a week based on most averages if you pulled at 48 hours. Unless you pulled bloods the same day as the pin then something is up. Either you were on a higher dose or their Test is absurdly overdosed.


Pulled it within 24hrs of last pin


There it is lol. Now that makes more sense. It may still be slightly overdosed (not always a bad thing) but pulling within 24hrs on Cyp would definitely skew the results on the high end


So as a learning experience when should bloods be pulled after pin?


Thanks for posting bloods bro!


Thanks for posting this my man. Great to know.


Yes, i didn’t thank you but thank you for taking the time to get bloods bro.

Typically with longer esters 48 hours is pretty much the norm. So if you pin say Monday morning you should test Thursday morning sometime. Doesn’t have to be right at 48 but close gets us a better idea. Short esters like ace or prop should be around the 24 hour mark.


Thanks I’ll do that going forward.


Your Welcome


Your welcome, just want to help the community and share