It must have been about 14 years ago or so; there i was again…battling in my mind as i go further into the ghetto to buy drugs…don’t do it…well …just one more time…no!! don’t do it…just one last time…and all that going in my head; finally i see a guy in a corner…i know he is selling; I approached him and handed him the money - give me a second , he said - i have it right there…a few seconds after came back to me, showed me his badge and put me on handcuffs . Freedom is the biggest and most precious gift God has given, free will to choose, freedom to make the right elections in life, liberty to express myself as i wish.
Am extremely grateful for this forum where we can often see different opinions being posted, different answers over the same subject…with no CRIMINAL ACTION. I have seen on other forums how people call each other : stupid, idiot, you f…#$#@@! Freedom offers me the incredible opportunity to choose the way i will answer to you…I know i can do better than a curse word…If my answer to you starts with a : DUH !!! I just lost a friend and made an enemy ( basically am calling you stupid ). The biggest part of maturity is understanding. This only works because each and every one of us wanna be here, for that is my responsibility to make you feel wanted and accepted…but that takes maturity. There always somebody that knows more than me , there always somebody bigger and leaner than me; but we can be all equally kind to one another…is nothing but freedom to choose the right way to speak to you.
By the way i was really glad when the cop took me to jail.


Spoken like a mature, experienced, educated, tolerant, kind hearted gentleman! When i grow up i want to be just like you Pastor you truly are one of the best people i have met in a long time along with my brother Mountain-man! I think just about every good person ive met in a long time all are here at UGMuscle! Love my fellow brothers here thank you all for being so fkn awesome! This site is all time best ever!


… Amen :pray::smiley:

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Thanks my brother


You will always catch more bees with honey than vinegar! Berating or belittling someone obviously should be saved for the comments section of youtube videos where common sence and decency are not a requirement :rofl:


People on youtube are a bunch of asswipes!


Some of the best advice I ever received was…

Be kind, considerate and honest with people. Not because of who they are but because of who you are.


I may come off a bit unstable mentally but i am one of the kindest people despite looking the complete opposite. I do it because my mom raised me a gentleman plus i always treat people the way i want to be treated. Just dont ever cross that line or you will meet the devil :imp: