Found theses babies in my mailbox a few days ago



What’s it for ? I’m sure for bulking but you mind enlightening me ? @01dragonslayer


Enerselen™ Injection is a specially formulated injection for protection, management and treatment of muscle disorders of horses. It is used as an aid in the control of muscular dystrophy, and a muscular stimulant, in horses and dogs.

  • High potency formulation
  • Proven Australian and International product for horses
  • A muscle protection and tonic
  • Replacement for Kynoselen (for comparison see attached table)
  • For racing, endurance, sport, stud and travelling horses
  • Administer regularly to help prevent episodes of ‘tying up’ in horses
    The Active Constituents of Enerselen Injection are:
    ATP (adenosine triphosphate), providing an immediate source of muscle energy.
    URDINE TRIPHOSPHATE is a source of muscle energy, related to ATP.
    HEPTAMINOL HCL increases blood flow for exercise and endurance capacity. It helps build and maintain muscles. A new study indicates HEPTAMINOL delays the onset of muscle fatigue.
    VITAMIN B12 (cyanocobalamin) to stimulate appetite for energy metabolism.
    SELENIUM is an essential trace element. For metabolic processes, and energy. Selenium has anti-oxidant properties, protects muscle from damage. It directly and indirectly prevents ‘tying-up’ and related muscle problems.
    MAGNESIUM ASPARTATE increases oxygen delivery to muscle tissue. For muscle strength and endurance, and has a role in muscle contraction.
    POTASSIUM ASPARTATE for glucose/glycogen (i.e., energy) metabolism.

Inject slowly subcutaneously or intramuscularly.
Horses: 4 mL per 100 kg bodyweight.
Dogs: 1 mL per 25 kg bodyweight.
Prevention: One injection each week for 2-3 weeks.
Treatment: One Injection every 3 days for 9-12 days.
MEAT WITHHOLDING PERIOD: DO NOT ADMINISTER less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.
RACING/EVENT WITHHOLDING: Consult racing authorities, stewards, or veterinarians for the withholding time after treatment and before racing or event.
i copied this from elasewhere its not directions for this brand ,but give a idea of wht it used for


Non-Steroidal Anabolics: Kynoselen is an injectable mixture of heptaminol, adenosine monophosphate, B-12, selenium, magnesium, and potassium. It is used in animals to speed healing form injury and improve athletic performance (although it is banned from use in horse and dog racing), which attracts many speed and strength athletes to its use. Kynoselen also has anabolic (muscle building) and lipolytic (fat burning) properties despite it being non-steroidal.

Athletes are attracted to Kynoselen because heptaminol, the main active ingredient, has been shown to improve contractile strength of muscle tissue and minimize fatigue. The anabolic effects of Kynoselen likely come from the ability of heptaminol to increase the differentiation of satellite muscle cells, which can lead to the building of skeletal muscle. Kynoselen is also a mild stimulant, because it blocks the re-uptake and stimulates the release of norepinephrine. This effect may explain the lipolytic properties of Kynoselen. The fact that Kynoselen is non-steroidal makes it attractive to women who are looking to build muscle without the masculinizing side effects of other anabolic substances. Kynoselen also may be useful during post-cycle therapy due to its non-hormonal anabolic effects.

Kynoselen appears to be light in terms of side effects. The main side effects are those that are typical of stimulants such as rapid heartbeat and dizziness if the dosage is taken too high. Kynoselen is also 100% legal, making it relatively easy to obtain.


Be careful with the mag and the K. Even aspartate. I didn’t see the amt but arrhythmias can occur and when they occur out of the blue, the heart has a harder time kicking out of it. Norepi and other similar also can make you tachy, increase blood pressure, etc.