Force Feeding Habit


Wanted to see if anyone else developed similar habits due to the amount of food we might consume while trying to reach our desired body weight.

I was out to eat the other night at a steakhouse ordered a $50 dollar dry aged steak :yum: and I catch myself not even enjoying it mid way as im barely even chewing and enjoying it, the same way I choke down my chicken and rice that I eat when I’m not even hungry, but have to force myself just to stay above 250lbs

I guess I have to remind myself to slow down on the special dinners from here on out lol!!


Haha I know that feeling. My gf always tells me I don’t even breathe when I eat lol


The wife always asks me if I even chew my food. I tell her just enough to get it down and we were out at a expensive steakhouse some months back. I didn’t realize that I just pounded down a rib eye and a baked potatoe also the asparagus and my wife had taken 3 bites of her steak and im putting down the 16oz rib eye around 12 min.
I dont eat like that anymore its gone I can only just eat everything and get it down fast because I don’t normally have time to enjoy my food and like @UNITED said most times I don’t enjoy what im eating I tell myself it all goes in the same way and comes right back out.
SAD not to enjoy the food I eat anymore.


Alright so sounds like this is something others developed too lol!

Hey atleast its your guys gf & wife and shes not suprised, imagine going on a first date eating like a caveman then awkwardly watch her take 20 mins to finish her cesar salad :rofl::joy:


Funny and true fellas. People around me have always asked if I chew my food. Lol


Same here. I hit an all you can eat buffet with my gym buddies once a month. This restaurant has a meat buffet so i probably get in about 200g of protein in one sitting. The four of us just destroy the food instantly while other customers just stare at us :sweat_smile:


Wow…i eat fast too but is hard for me to have a cheat meal…i feel bad if it is not fish or baked chkn, rice or potatoes, no condiments at all. just before this cycle am in right now i spent 7 months without a cheat meal.