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I’m new here was invited by Big Murph


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I was invited by big murph. I am a retired Army Ranger, and fitness has been a part of my life f o r 30 years. I just turned 50 and still train 4 days a week. I was on the Armies power lifting team in the 80’s, they provided nice gear. Later in my career I used gear to stay strong and to recover from a couple gunshot wounds and a bad injury fast roping on a mission. I hope I c an help anyone with questions.




Rangers lead the way. Some of the very finest soldiers I ever served with! You dug us out of a very tight spot back in '90. :wink:

Thanks you for your service BIA and I hope you and yours experience the very best that this life has to offer.



Welcome…I remember back then USPF armed forces championships. Basically the same guys going to the seniors . ELite! “They provided good gear” only name that comes to mind right now was Dan Austin. What great stories you must have. I was a USPF teen nat champ x 2 right before APF and Ahem, ADFPA…


Welcome !!!


I will add you to our veterans group


I am new here, invited by bigmurph not sure how or why but I’ve been working out and learning for the past 10 years with some time away from it in between


Welcome !!!


Glad to have you around at ugm.


New to the board. Invited by bigmurph, appreciate the invite over here!


Glad to have you as a member athena
Welcome to UGM


Welcome !!!




I’m just wondering how I Got the invite


Hi everyone. I was invited by Big Murph. I’m about to turn 60 and have been training for nearly 30 years. Love the people, lifestyle and the discipline plus the workouts are my “zen”. I’ve learned a fair amount about productive and safe® training, recovery and diet to help maintain and improve fitness, muscularity and strength for those of us 50 and over. Happy to help and learn from the group.


Glad to have your knowledge at ugm