Food for thought Plant Based vs. Animal Based Diet


Food for thought…

I have a daughter that is a strict vegan and I am a LCHF carnivore. The two of us could not be farther from the ends of the spectrum from each other in our diets. Don’t get me wrong I love vegetables and fruits but they are peripheral to the rest of my diet. Not central.

I am not hacking or critiquing anyones diet choices simply wanting to post something to think about…

If man, by evolution or creative design, was purposed not to consume any animal based nutrients why do we have the digestive system of a carnivore (single stomach)? Why would B12 be an essential nutrient that is only available in animal based foods?

Food for thought… pun intended?! :wink:


Top of the food chain! I like your post, I couldn’t even begin to fathom, not killing my own deer and eating it, or fish I catch, or store bought meat, right next to all my carbs!!


That is very interesting. Never really thought of that.