Following orders no matter what


My father was my first sensei…tough me Judo probably before i was able to stand on my two feet, by the age of 7 I was attending formally a Kenpo Karate school. I remember having a great relationship with my sensei…I was about 15 years old when even been so formally dedicated to martial arts building was always in my head…here and there started lifting some weight and got closer and closer to it… i was 17 when they invited me to participate in a show among local gyms…little by little i did more bbuilding . by the age of 24 i was totally dedicated to bbuilng, had a college degree in P E, so never really had a trainer or coach or adviser, just went on my own research…natural, steroids for me was something i wouldn’t ever do. It wasn’t until i finally established in this country that i started cycling , still self trained all the way to the show. It was about 2000 when i met this awesome brother, fighter and bbuilding competitor as well that i received formal guidance to a show; somebody monitoring my progress thru the diet and work out day after day. Today i follow SBL doctor guidance and i can only say that as a bbuilder i never was asked to do as much as i am currently doing…as busy as i am with my let’s say professional life, this preparation is a daily challenge in all areas of my life…my time, my attitude etc. Some of the orders have been extremely challenging and long and more is constantly requested. This is my first experience as a bbuilder been fully guided and trained, toughest too. Am glad, i celebrate it and am great full for it always yes sir and always do as requested.
Did you ever have a trainer that pushed you to your best and further?


I thought this was going to be about a whole different topic when I clicked on the thread to read the post.
Its a great post though because it brings up the topic of dedication and hardworking discipline that when you start using gear or even just bbing or any other sport or competition. Is so important to the end result and goals. Many who attempt to live the lifestyle alot of us follow don’t have any idea of the discipline and dedication that we have to put in to achieve the goals we are looking for.
Its great that even at a young age you were taught this discipline and dedication.
I was also possibly not as much as you were but I believe that more parents need to instill this into there children growing up.
Great post


thanks beloved


@SemperFi and I had some of the same trainers, real life changers I would venture to say


“Did you ever have a trainer that pushed you to your best and further?”

Is their any other way to be properly trained? Why would we look to be trained to remain what we already are?! :wink:




Probably not…maybe one. Most trainers these days say ‘do what can, remember its your workout’. Thats probably why I don’t use PTs because their like…too soft. It seems like they don’t put enough effort in pushing their clients but I guess it all in who you choose as well. No body can push myself but myself and thats where self-motivation and and self discipline come into play.