Fitstudboi gains and goals 2017


ok so here is today’s weigh in…I am soo happy that I am a solid lb below 260 when I average the best out of 4 weighs :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:! So this is promising news…obviously I have been aware that the huge wall mirror in my living room is a “gym” mirror…magnifier…but i see that as…if I can eventually look awesome in that mirror then I have arrived…that coupled with the samsung galaxy s7 I have that widens and magnifies as well makes it appear to be a endless fruitless battle lol! So thats why I started to show pectorals in bathroom mirror so I am only dealing with one magnifier lmao!! but there is progress. this is exciting!




ok soo the sad news is I felt i could have been alot further if I didnt loose the 3 days I did I got stuck on website issues for two solid days and then product research for a client for a potential job but i stuck to my diet. My bouts with deep depression where most days felt like trying to run through water chest high caused because of my pain and inabilities caused by injuries and severely overweight as a result of pain ,several holliday parties and just alot of pain were my two biggest aversaries i would say cost me a solid 5 lbs -7lbs setback in total.

I went extreme as of January 5th January focussing on calories in versus calories out. I made sure I was always in a deficit as well as cut out all sugars and processed cabs zero breads or pastas or deserts. I still couldnt give up my sweet cream in my coffee I used as a appetite surpressant along with yohimbine…it works! I upped my cardio immensly. Alternated days for weights and cardio and a solid day rest and some times two to allow the results to set in, the body to catch up but not completely. There was always a running total cycle I created with this process. I also added intermittent fasting with all the above variables. I never goarged on that process as of January 5th and i had zero cheat days.

I fought through the depression without the given med. I went head on and I had success.

I am very happy that I am a solid 1 lb ahead of my goal weight.

I started the contest at 279.00 lbs with barely able to get in 20 minutes of cardio without severe pain.

I was at a tight waist 44 relaxed waist 46. I had hoped to get to a waist 38.

I am at a tight 38. Ican button but a loose 40.

I had projected around 255 lbs as a goal and be able to improve my pain level and get to 1 hr on cardio. I got to 254 as apposed to the 255 I projected and 65 minutes on cardio

I also hoped to improve my mobility.

My mobiloty is way better.

My goal was to also reduce the need for pain meds.

The need for pain meds of any kind is almost gone I now take as assurance if i will be out where I will be on my feet for hrs the remove all discomfort. Before it was much needed and two rounds of them on a 4 to 6 hrs cycle and ambiant pain was constant every turn. no more ambiant pain and i can now go days and weeks without pain meds.

I cannot express enough how being here in this contests have helped me soo much to get this far. Mentally the accountability here was and is my lifeline. Till I can aquaint my self with other dedicated gymbunnies around me. This will ne a added benefit. But first i know I must begin to look the part. Like attracts like as it is lol!!

I know with out the expectations of results here, and a contest. I would have slipped and barely made it mid 260’s

when u have as much fat as i do pictures dont do much justice. Especially taking pics in a gym like mirror and samsung s7 lens lol!! I am VERY glad @Bigmurph. directed me to the scale which i have always hated as well as @Fitraver confirmed the scale is helpful, it has been. It gave me a point of focus and to stick to
a focal point of weight loss.

I have lost 25 lbs and counting. I can only be excited on my next set of gosls is to continue to loose to get into the 230’s upper 220’s in three more months with noticeable muscle formation and definition. I have instantly started down that road since the first. I also am projecting a 36 or 34 waist size.

I have sucessfully reached and surpassed my goals except the panst sizes, thats questionable lol! might be a 39 based on that result

Being here here gave me the fuel to improve immensly. Being here have helped me fight through the pain and the doubts, kept me focus on goals. Something I soo needed in my chaotic and overwhelming world.

I am excited about my next round of goals.

Thanks again for helping me make great strides towards getting my old self back. its going to be a tough journey yet no doubt. But the the glow of the light is finally in sight​:smiley::smiley::smiley:.


so today…proof on how restaurants us the …light menue…or the…healthy living deal (example…salads)…to really rake u over…while i have see this same restaurants chicken fingers plate plate for $11.99…came with enough chiken for three…my chicken SALAD…see its chicken FIRst…then salad…yah…so…i got the salad…she puts it down…i just saw a plate of lettuce so in shock, i immediately exclaimed…they forgot the chicken where is the chicken…she gleefully explained…oh! they mixed it in…so i seached for the chicken…pulled them out to the side…now…i hate to complain…usually always…i deal with it and just NEVER do it again…but i couldnt…i was upset…tjis was blatant…in your face corrupt! for 15.95…this is what i got as u see below…i mean really?!..barely 3 ounces of chicken…and the manger…who thought she was being soo awesome…brought me 2 ounces more of chicken!so for 15.95 i got a plate of lettuce with chiken sprinkles…the picture was just after i dug out all the chicken the salad u see there was 2 inchea deep and 10 inches around .


That’s a great win about no pain meds bro. Awesome.


Dont worry about the pictures doing you Justice I have been reading your posts have plenty of detail and justice brother you have been doin a great job and I can definitely see a difference its not a fake commercial difference lol you know the ones they shoot the same day where the guy or girl will puff up look like shit stick out there gut then 15 minutes later they have dropped 30lbs because of lighting and photoshop lol those commercials always make me laugh especially after watching bigger faster stronger.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: yes that is soo true i have seen lol!!


well thank you so much @Bigmurph i appreciate that​:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


can anyone please tell me what this means?.. i saw a one…i went back and tried to correct some more mistakes and add some more descriprives while i am there i come bacl out and it said two…then three…now 4! lol! 20180203_101656


Just means how many times you’ve accessed it and changed something.


Its how many times your post has been edited I believe


oh lol! cool! thank u guys!..i just decided to leave some error…or else it will show 10! lmao!.. i do have to go title though so i guess there will be a 5th lol!


Edit away brother it’s all good


oh geeze soo many mistakes i see as i still read…cany seem to get them all lol!!


oh my god i did a bunch a side bends two days ago on shoulder day… and i feel like someone beat me in the back of my rib cage and traps with a bat lol! but i love the sorness though to me it means the muscles got worked and is responding


Pain is pleasure


lol! fir sure…i feel if u dont get sore…nothing was done lol!


my after back work out meal and meals for later


ok where should i post new threads? cus i cant keep posting stuff in this topic can i…i just thought of it.


Just throw one up in the log section and keep going. I have one there I never stopped but just went back to only using it.

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cool thank you so much