Fitstudboi gains and goals 2017


It’s not fucking expensive. Tell him you want it. You’re the one paying for it anyway. Does he know you’re on testosterone? And yes ai stand for aromatose inhibitor. Blocks your estrogen conversion. I’d presume you need one even on only 200mg with your higher bf %.


Lol! yes. he is the one that prescibed me the testosterone and i am going back to see if my levels increased or if i need higher…i went after it originally because i just had no energy…motivation…drive…i was in a huge slump and my weight was packing on so i figured i was low and turns out i am so i thought it was also supposed to help me drop the weight. well i am more awake…and i have some drive but still in a slump…so i atleast make sure i get the gym in if nothing else aside from work and diet. so i figure i still need more…but if it will put my estrogen sky high…well…in outer space lol! then maybe i should ditch the test and just get estrogen reducer/inhibiter? if it works that way? and then once i get down enough start up the testosterone again? its like a huge catch 22 i am in lol!


feeling nenewed…my new addition to the family is kicking my butt… i will say…i am rapidly improving…the first day…3 days ago…i was barely able to get 12 minutes in…a few pauses on that…determined…that same day a few hrs later after a work out…i went at it again and managed 20 minutes…unlike the precor cross ramp which i was up to 1 hr 5 minutes…this is a totally different beast lol! then yesterday i did 30 minutes + 5 cool down. today i did two sessions…one at 35 minutes + 5 minutes cool down and now a 20 minutes + 5 minutes cool down…all week i will attempt 2 sessions to reach my 1000 calories goal on cardio days…



so i lost a couple lbs was fluxuating betweeen the 264.8 and 265. there are slight physical differences. i was hoping to be at 250-255 and a waist 38 by the end of this comp. ugh! i will see what next wednesday has to offer…today is shot day ugh!! i have anxiety every time…needles scare the hell out of me lol!! one time it took me 40 minutes to give myself the shot…now its between 5 and 10 minutes! lol!


ok so my mind aparently is one thing but my injury is another…so it appears on most days its looking like once a day for cardio is my max. during that session the disc in my lumbar really gets irritated so right now i can handle a 40 minute session generally i managed a 50 minute session with hardly any pain. the great news sisnce the contest i started out at 15 to 20 minutes as my max on the cross ramp and i improved to 1 hr and 5 minutes…on the cross trainer i barely made 12 to 15 minutes now i am at 50 minutes in two weeks…so my cardio and pain has improved and i dropped one solid lb since last week. i have been lifting alot as well as cardio so improvements have been steady. As i beleive one has arrived once tjey can look amazing without a shirt so is the same for pre working out and after work out…6 pack should be there all the time and plain as day and after a work out looks pumped…pumping up should just be the icing on the cake…so this is why i take pictures unflexed and un pumped and no sucking in lol! will show my true overall progress i beleive. right now i am at a smaller obese person lol! looking forward to get to that very fat stage lol! we will see what another 5 days bring this rrsult tells me i should step it up a lil bit.


Good work brother just keep going and you will be where you want to be in no time took me a yr to drop a little over 60lbs. It takes time but in the end its really worth it for the health aspect and just looking good plus the girls love to feel muscles sometimes I feel like im getting sexually assaulted.
Keep killing it


having a awesome physique seems to bring the freak out in people young and old lmao!! i have seen it i know what u mean i have a good friend who is stupid swole…took him to a party and he was the draw of the night old ladies holding breaths as he walks by with a …oh dear!..hosts sister walking around the corner saw him and was like omg!! out loud…if you have a girl get rid of her she says cus i want all a that lol!..thank goodness his girl that came with him was outside in the car on the phone…i had to say he is taken she is coming in lmao!..and the dudes were giving the sneak stare lol!!..i though man…i want to be just like him when i grow up! lol!!


i did it!!! first work out session of the day…cardio session i did 65 minutes!!! wooohoooo!


Totally fucked up and posted my update on yours on accident lol. Stars win an f lol. Good work in here tho bro.


i missed it lol! all i see now is my post lol!


so true story. sorry i didnt post my 5 day progress. in such a deal every day counts…i decided on this friday my best buddy asked me to ride with him outa town…1hr 45 mins away to go check on his fixer upper house i have been helping him with…i said cool as long as we are back by six and i can only eat salad just leaf and a lil dressing while out…so we get there on our way out he wanted to check out the casino…it was still within time frame so cool…we went…the moment we walked through the door…he was starving…he decided on the buffet there i guess was the rave…so i was obviousiy un easy and disgusted at the idea. so he offered to pay…not that i couldnt pay…a buffet is not a place for me right now…so i gave in and thought well i can just load up on salad…so we get there…32.00 a preson…so ofcourse…the…“feel bad just getting salad after he just paid 32.00” kicked in…i ate soo damn much…all meats and shrimps and veggies so i tried to stay carbless atleast…then we ended up not leaving the casino till midnight…we got there at 5…so that day was ruined…the next day i had ended up helping a friend set up sound he was having trouble with…that took up my late morning to afternoon around 3…then i had to get ready cus it was in the plans a friend promised and made reservations to take us out me and my best buddy and another buddy to a steak dinner at this real awesome place…so i ate just veggies and salad and meat…but i was pressured to have a desert and a couple glasses of moscato…they didnt twist my arm on the moscato…but they pretty much said what desert are u having…you must try one the dude taking us out said …so those two days screwed everything up…but i must say i was able to squeesze into a pair of pants that day i couldnt button 5 days before…i had made that a goal to be able to button those by the 20th…but it wasnt a complete success as they were still way tighter than i had hoped…so any ways…i was able this evening to get back in the groove…i was spinning out there for a minute felt aweful…now i am back…mi will post then on the 25th! here is my hr cardio session.


I’m loving your dedication bro. Keep going!


Keep it up bro :muscle::muscle:


i am aiming to reach that 1000 calories mark by the first as one goal and then for my second 3 month goal 2 sessions of cardio every other day a minimum of 1400 calories! my walking and getting around has improved soo much and my pain have significantly decreased


oh so i got my blood work results today and my testosterone level increased from 236 to 700 and my doc decided thats perfect and wont prescribe other than 200 …so…i do have a vile of 250 and another full vile of 200 he prescribed and a half a bottle i am on now. soo…what would you consider the optimum for muscle density since i have plenty should i go up to 1.5 syringe full?..he gladly increased my thyroid med to 100 s though cus i told him i am still not feeling my self and so he said i will feel alot better increasing thyroid med cus its under active i have never taken the meds i refuse i think the meds will messe up and my thyroid is not that bad i where i need the meds…just try to get it back up naturally. whats your opinion. do u think its safe and ok to take thyroid medication? below is my blood work on 10 /14/2017


this is my blood work from thos past Saturday.


Where is your estrogen number and also your t3?


i asked him to give me my estrogen and he refuses saying its wast necessary but then he said ok he would test that too but i dont see it on there…because i did request estrogen blocker…ok i will ask him why those are not on there. i have no clue how to read this stuff actually lol!..i am thinking i need to look into getting a hormonalist instead of this internalist because he is soo stubborn …he just seem to think you u dont know what u need or talking about when u express why u need certain things. its a uphill battle with him


See your estrogen is 100% necessary. So you’re taking 200mg test? When do you pin? Once a week or split? How many days/hours after the pin did you draw bloods?


i pin once a week…i had actually been so busy all week that i ended up pinning the day before…actually around midnight saturday morning to be exact… and i drew on saturday around 11 30 am…he had even told me its ok to pin in the morning before i came that it wouldnt make a difference…thats not why i pinned so late in the week though…i had my doubts about that statement he made. yes i am taking 200. i have been trying to get him to approve atleast 250 if not 300 but for ever he has been stubborn