Fitstudboi gains and goals 2017


ok will do for sure😃 thank you soo much!


there is a saying…abs are made in the kitchen…but on the flip side so are big bellies like mine! but this PSMF deal is gonna show me how that abs part may be true!


I am just so excited about this whole venture. its beyond a contest…i feel i finally won on my first try thanks to my buddy @mataa59 that invited me
i know with the positive energy support and guidance from so many here so far i will succeed and looking forward to my stages of transformation to the old me again. i am so proud of my fridge and i have a wicked barrel of chicken soup brewing all PSMF stuff. the carrots u see would be for my cheat day…big glasses of carrot apple cucumber and celery juice mix…coffey creamers and alcohols were there way before…alcohol i hardly ever touch any ways maybe a couple times every few months or longer sometimes i go a year without a drink. i will treat myself to a drink once i get to 220 lol! one nice drink though. maybe. speaking of rambling :rofl::rofl::rofl:



Hell yeah bro. Keep working it works if you work it.


Ramble ramble ramble!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:




I want to give props to @Mataa59 for inviting you into the family. Please everyone invite everyone you meet everyone has there own invite link. While you.strike up a conversation at the gym bring up ugm and ask for there email address and send them an invitation.
Eventually every month I will pick a winner for inviting the most members that join and write a review. @Burrr lnows about this he won 2 vials of some of the best tne out there.

You’re doing it brother just one foot in front of the other and you will get to where you want to be it takes awhile it took me just over a yr to get from 260+ down to 192lb.

Keep killing it


thank you soo much. this is so reasauring thank you. :smiley::smiley:


I love your positivity its going to get you to your goals.


This first week is kicking my ass lol!..withdrawal head aches at some point 3 days so far…last nights was wicked i thought i was going to die lol!..and a voice was whispering …SSSSUUGGGAAARR U WAAANT SSSUUUGAAAR…ignored lol! but that may have been the last one…in the past i did get headaches for a week till my bod adjusted and it was gravy after that. breakfast a bowl of lettuce cucumber and eggwhites with 1 yolk. i got the animal pack stuff but was shocked they didnt include the the scoop so it would be easy to meaure their product exact amounts since they use scoops as apposed to spoons as serving size…so i guessed and put 1 teaspoon.


Nice and that l
Plate looks amazing


thank you. i am trying to be creative😃


so question…i only have a limited supply of draw needles can they be reused? if so obviously disifectant is needed…what do i use to disinfect…or is not recommended at all to reuse…about syringes…can i do more than one shot up to two with each with disinfectant or is it not recommended at all. i have test i will be using that i was stockpiling and a few 250 i got through a friend and i dont have enough prescribed needles to go through all that. what would be your advise. these are concerns i have alot i am very new to the idea of injectables and any other supplements for that matter…so would love to clear these curioisities up once and for all😃


Please don’t re-use needles goto and order a box you will spend alot more on the infection you will end up with then the needles


cool thank u so much will @Bigmurph i will go check them out😃


well i am excited my order from @Iron_Junkie_Labs came yesterday!! i will be trying these out much later in my venture…once i hit around 200 lbs. another awesome news is that the pants i ciuls barely get ti fit two week ago now buttons and zips up around the full circumfrence of my belly area where as before i was on able to barely get it to fasten nust around my hip area with my belly hanging over…the pants were off in size because that was suppose to be the size that actually fits comfortably around my stomach…something i do in my current physical state to compress my mid section in and wear larger shirts to appear like a smaller fat person lol!! so this is exciting that these off sized pants now fits snug and is not squeezing the

Take the paperwork out of the picture unless you want the police to come to your front door.


Best of wishes to you in your venture brother, enjoy! and never give up! :muscle::grin:


oh i wont…u will be seeing me again real soon for the cyps😃


You will love the gear from iron junkies


thank you for the beads up for sure. i was not thinking. thanks again😀