Fitstudboi gains and goals 2017


i dont know how to write a new instance in the gains and goals catagory and i tried just replying to my own thread and its not working. i realized i posted in tbe wrong area. i am just confused lol! so i will save the real post till i can get it right lol!


you should be able to reply to your own thread there. I saw it pop up on the top. let me try replying there


There you go I added it to your contest thread.

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took my first test shot see how things go😀


hey you guys good morning. i hope all is awesome😀. Would any one have suggestion on a great brand of multi vitamins…chewable or pills?


To be honest I enjoy animal packs. They get kinda pricy but they work. I’m taking animal flex right now and animal pack.


I like animal brand because they give you vitamins in their own pill. It’s not like 40 things in one pills. So you get good quality of each. It’s just a bunch of pills to take but well worth it


i will look where to get them


GNC. Amazon. Supplement shop. Amazon might be your best bet as they are usually cheaper



thank u very much will order in a few


This is probably the only supplement I believe isn’t a complete scam


i ordered and tge one for joints too😃


Animal flex. I use that. It’s wonderful


Make sure you take them with food…


ok will do😃 now any suggestions for focus and energy or will that do it all?


Taking almost anything with a high fat content meal helps with bio available


Great advice +++++


To be honest that multivitamin will give you focus. You will feel it. Don’t know how to explain it but it works


Also make sure to drink lots of water when you take them