Fitraver gains and goals 2017


Well guess my cheat didnt do too well. Only 212 today. Shoulders later and trip to see Santa…


12/17 - Shoulders/Abs (Bens Mass Gain Routine #2 - week #12)

did random lift this week

Seated DB Press: warmup: 25x15, 35x10, 45x8 … working 75x10x4

Single Arm DB Side Raises: warmup: 25x15 … working: 40x12x4

Single Arm Cable Front Raises: working: 30x12x4 (raise all the way above head)

Barbell Upright Rows: working: 70x12x4 (pause at top)

Rear Peck Deck Flyes: working: 145x12x4

skipped abs


Morning guys. 213.2 today. Tied my High again after last nights cheat pasta meal with cheesy garlic bread. Shirt work week this week. Headed home to spend time with the fam for a few weeks over the holiday. Workout will be chest later after what I’m sure will be a crazy busy day if work.


Did legs today and will do
Chest tomorrow.

12/18 Legs/Calves (Bens Mass Gain Routine #2 - week #12) did day early this week

6 minutes warm up on bike level 5

Lying Leg Curls: warmup sets: 80x20, 80x20 … working sets: 150x12, 155x10, 160x8, 165x6m (drop 110x10, drop 70x10 add weight 85x25 partials at the bottom. Only coming up about 2-3 inches) (keep toes pointed on as many reps as you can before curling them up - much harder this way so less weight than before)

Barbell Stiff Legged Deads: warmup sets: 45x20, 45x20 … working sets: 155x10x2 (super slow, really flex glutes and hams on each rep) did split squats this week

Leg Press: warmups: start with 1 plate on each side and keeping adding 1 to each side until warmed up … working sets: 765x10x3 (3 second negative then explode up on each rep, super deep and controlled reps)

1 min fascia stretch on each quad

Hack Squat: 430x10x3 (On the third set, use the same weight, but go down all the way and pause, then drive the weight back up hard. Keep TUT and dont lockout do not lock out. Do the 10 reps, then cut the weight in half and do 15 more reps)

1 min fascia stretch on each quad, repeat twice

Standing Calf Raises: 150x10x5.


213.6 today another new high. Nothing special today just work and then chest later. 2 days left on the blast. Ready to cruise for awhile.


Got in some solid chest work.

12/19 - Chest (Bens Mass Gain Routine #2 - week #12)

did random chest lift

DB Twist Press: 35x10, 45x10 … working sets: 75x10x4 (slow solid reps, really focus on squeeze at the top) (full stretch at bottom, press up and twist pinkies in towards each other at top the top)

Incline DB Bench Press: warmup: 50x10 … working: 90x11x4

Decline DB Bench Press: 90x12x4

Peck Deck Flyes: 250x10x4.


215 today!!! Oddly enough, on the last day of my Blast I hit my goal (yeah I know originally I wanted 220 but don’t think thatll happen, although who knows with Xmas cookies and fudge lol.

I’ll get an updated pic tomorrow morning and bizarre before and after or me up 35 lbs hahah.

Today was last pin of npp and tomorrow will Be last of Test e. Will be switching back to my trt dose of 220 test c starting Monday. Thinking I will cruise for 6 weeks then shred up.


215.2 today. Work and then headed home for Xmas. Will be good to see my fam and puppy!!!


Well… here it is. My dreaded before and after lol. From 180 to 215 (time between pics is 21 weeks and 3 days). Can we just end the Comp now @Bigmurph, jk! I met my goal up 15 lbs and still slightly visible abs (BARELY :joy:).

Can’t wait to cut. Now to try and maintain here the next 6 weeks before cut blast. Christmas cookies may still help


215.4 today. Diet will remain the same this next week, but I am going to add back in cardio. 5x a week at 20 min. See what hat does for me. Then adjust the diet from there to try to keep at this weight. Or at least above 210 for the cruise.

Today is just puppy time and shopping with mom. Gunna look for some new gym clothes after using he same ones for 5 years lmao. Too fat for my cutoffs now, gotta save them for shredded season. :joy::joy:

Back session later. Walk with my puppy in the tundra. Life is good. Happy holidays.


This lift felt like shit today but got it in. Got a headache midway that was killing.

12/23 - Back/Traps (random lifts)

Focus on solid form with good stretch and contraction, 2-3 minute rest between working sets

T-Bar Rows: warmup: 45x15, 90x10 … working: 180x12x2, 205x10, 225x8 (bar weight not counted) back home weird Machine 135x12x4

Wide Grip Pulldowns: warmup: 135x15 … working: 210x12, 225x10, 240x8x2 back home 210x11x4

Seated Rows (Underhand Grip on EZ Bar): warmup: 135x15 … 210x12, 225x10, 240x8x2

Single Arm DB Rows: working: 105x12x3

Standing Shrug Machine: working: 90(each arm)x15x4


214.8 today. Not much except for sitting around and eating lmao. Cookies galore.

Watching world dart championships right now on bbc and this is Fuckin wild. All the fans are dressed up in crazy outfits and just dancing and going crazy at all times. It’s such a drunk person sport and I love t haha. All the dart guys have massive beer bellies :joy::joy: very entertaining.

Legs later for me…


Legs done.

12/23 - Legs/Calves (random lifts)

Seated Leg Curls: warmup: 80x15x2 … working: 180x12, 200x10x3 back home gym

Squats: warmup: 135x10, 225x10 … working: 315x10x2, 225x20, 225x12

Hack Squat: warmup: 90 (weight only)x10 … working: 2300x12x4 back home gym

Leg Extensions: 200x12x4 (3 second pause at top) back home gym

Seated Calf Raises: 90x15x4


Merry Christmas Eve guys!! We got snow so today will consist of taking my Samoyed out to play and early Xmas eve gains before the gym closes … Shoulder day.

Have a good one!!



Christmas Eve shoulders and abs complete.

12/24 - Shoulders/Abs (random lifts)

Standing Barbell Presses: warmup: 45x15, 95x10x2 … working: 125x10x4

Seated DB Press: warmup: 35x10, 45x8 … working 75x9, 75x8, 70x10x2

DB Side Raises: warmup: 25x15 … working: 40x12x4

Seated DB Front Raises: working: 25x12, 30x10x3

Rear Peck Deck Flyes: working: 145x12x3 back home gym

Bent Over Rear Delt Cable Flyes: 22x10x3 back home gym on weird rack

Decline Bench Crunches: bwx20x3

Leg Raises: bwx20x3


Merry Christmas all!! Fam time all day. Possibly a quick chest session if I make it. Jumanji later. Enjoy everyone…


Christmas chest gains in. Now for tons more cookies lol

12/25 - Chest (did random lifts)

Cable Flyes: warmup: 20x15, 30x15 … working: 50x10x4 back home gym

DB Bench Press: 35x15 … working: 100x10x2, 100x9x2

Incline DB Bench Press: warmup: working: 80x12x4

Decline Hammer Press: 90(each arm)x20, 135x10x3

Peck Deck Flyes: 145x20 drop 100x20


You guys may not believe it, but I’m actually not gunna weigh myself til I’m back home. This scale here my rents have is screwy so I’m saying fuck it. Which is hard for my ocd lol.

Back to the daily grind of work then likely legs later…


Did some single Leg work today. Gunna focus more on that for awhile. I always forget to utilize that on legs and I know my right leg takes over on stuff like squat, presses and curls. Think this should help spark some growth super-setting some with both leg.

12/26 Legs/Calves/Cardio (did random lifts)

6 minutes warm up on bike level 5

Single Leg Lying Curls: warmup: 40x20x2 … working sets: 90x10x4
Lying Leg Curls: working: 90x15x2
back home gym

Single Leg Press: warmup: 90x15x2 … working: 180x12x4 back home gym

Single Leg Standing Hamstring Curls: working: 40x12x4 back home gym

Single Leg Extensions: working: 80x15x3
Leg Extensions: working: 150x15x3
back home gym

Single Leg Standing Calf Raises: 30x15x4
Standing Calf Raises: working: 30x15x4
back home gym

Cardio: walked dog for 30 minutes


Wind chill of -21 right now, THATS FINE! :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Work, if I don’t turn into a popsicle walking in, then arms later…