Fitraver gains and goals 2017


211.8 today and off to work. Not at all excited for it lol. Leg day number one of the week later. 9 more days of blasting…


Good morning brother. What do you eat for breakfast


My first meal of the day is 3.1oz oats made in 6oz carbmaster milk, 10oz carbmaster milk to drink, and 4.8oz pineapples. Then I have 10oz red potatoes, 5oz 90% lgb, and 1.5 cups broccoli. Next two meals are 14.6oz jasmine rice and 4oz chicken (one meal has a cup of broccoli). During my workout I have a shake made with 40g carbs and a scoop of protein le powder. Pwo I have 4.5oz lucky charms with 8oz carbmaster milk mixed wth a scoop of protein powder, 1oz almonds, and a Thomas bagel with 2tbsp pb. Next meal is 6oz lgb, 8oz red potatoes and a mini wholly guacamole. Last meal before bed is 2 scoops casein protein.

That’s my day haha so much Fuckin food. Comes out to 5500 cals a day right now. Been at this for several weeks now.


I def gotta step my food game up


It’s not easy on the wallet bro. I’ve never been happier to see a bulk come to an end haha.


Leg days complete.

12/12 -Legs/Calves (Bens Mass Gain Routine #2 - week #11)

6 minutes warm up on bike level 5

Lying Leg Curls: warmup sets: 80x20, 80x20 … working sets: 150x12, 155x10, 160x8, 165x6m (drop 110x10, drop 70x10 add weight 85x25 partials at the bottom. Only coming up about 2-3 inches) (keep toes pointed on as many reps as you can before curling them up - much harder this way so less weight than before)

Barbell Stiff Legged Deads: warmup sets: 45x20, 45x20 … working sets: 155x10x2 (super slow, really flex glutes and hams on each rep)

Leg Press: warmups: start with 1 plate on each side and keeping adding 1 to each side until warmed up … working sets: 765x10x3 (3 second negative then explode up on each rep, super deep and controlled reps)

1 min fascia stretch on each quad

Hack Squat: 430x10x3 (On the third set, use the same weight, but go down all the way and pause, then drive the weight back up hard. Keep TUT and dont lockout do not lock out. Do the 10 reps, then cut the weight in half and do 15 more reps)

1 min fascia stretch on each quad, repeat twice

Standing Calf Raises: 150x10x5


How do you like the carbmaster milk. Worth the price. I drink 3 gallons of milk a week. So I been contemplating buying it.


It is a little pricey :confused: if you’re in one of the areas that carries he vanilla flavor tho omg it’s so good. Tastes like straight ice cream. When I go home I Love it haha. Protein content is great tho. And hardly any carbs or fat and cheaper than egg whites.


212 today. Headed to work but popping right back out for bloods. Ended up just getting the full panel cuz it was basically just as cheap as only getting lipids and cmp so may as well. Kinda wanna see my e2 anyway.

Arms later tonight. Is it the weekend yet?


Arm pump dunzo.

12/13 - Biceps/Triceps/Abs (Bens Mass Gain Routine #2 - week #11)

*rotate bi and tri exercises - 2-3 min rest between sets)

Cross Body Hammer Curls: warmups: 15x15, 25x15 … working sets: 45x10x4 (let weight come all the way down and really force contraction hard at top … hard grip on db throughout)

Rope Pressdowns: warmups: 40x15, 60x10 … working sets: 90x12x4 (attach two ropes to make it longer, walk back fro pulley a bit and pull backwards)(squeeze hard at bottom for a second, keep elbows tight to side for good stretch)

Barbell Curls: warmups: 40x10 … working sets: 80x8x3 (3 second negative, keep perfect form)

Machine Dips: warmups: 110x15 … working sets: 195x12, 215x10, 235x8 (don’t fully lockout, keep constant tension, 3 second negative)

Seated EZ Bar Preacher Curls: 70x10x3 (squeeze hard at top, only come 90% down not fully extended)

Overhead Cable Extensions: 150x10x3 (lower weight behind head and pause at stretched position for a second)

High Cable Curls: 30x10x3 (focus on contracting where bicep is at shortest … with elbow elevated and almost behind head … slow reps under full control)

Single Arm Cable Extensions: 35x10x3

Leg Raises: bwx15-20x3 (focus blowing all air out on crunch)

Decline Crunches: Bwx15-20x3 (focus blowing all air out on crunch)

Pulldown Crunches: bwx15-20x2 (hang from bar and vacuum really blow all air out and pull abs to paint).


213.2 today boys. That 215 may actually be reachable. No adjustments being made to the diet but weight still steadily climbing. Work than total rest day. Spend some time with my girl.


Enjoy you’ll be 215 tomorrow unless its"girlfriend "/wife/boss/old lady,/boo/ :joy:, then you’ll be 211. I remember 215, I believe it was the sixth grade, MGM had just added sound to the picture show. Seriously, good job. I’ve always said there’s not a lot of people walking around a muscular 240, 215 pretty close,!!!


Haha thanks bro I am “fluffy rolie polie 215 right now lol. I’m hoping I can be a muscular 190. That would be up 10 lbs from last year. I’ll try to get a pic up this weekend to update here.


211.6 today. Dropped a little water. Work then back day is the plan. Some Mario Odyssey action later lol.


But a random back day today. Picked 4 lifts and dude 8-12 reps, to failure of course as usual.

12/16 - Back/Traps (Bens Mass Gain Routine #2 - week #12)

Focus on solid form with good stretch and contraction, 2-3 minute rest between working sets

did random lift this week

T-Bar Rows: warmup: 45x15, 90x10 … working: 180x12x2, 205x10, 225x8 (bar weight not counted)

Wide Grip Pulldowns: warmup: 135x15 … working: 210x12, 225x10, 240x8x2

Seated Rows (Underhand Grip on EZ Bar): warmup: 135x15 … 210x12, 225x10, 240x8x2

Single Arm DB Rows: working: 105x12x3

Standing Shrug Machine: working: 90(each arm)x15x4


Morning guys. 211.2 today. Going to see the new stars wars in a bit. Than getting in some gains later. Typically it would be kegs but my left hammy has been tender so think I may do chest!

Here is my updated pics. Man I hate how I look but I’m happy with my progress upnover 30+ lbs since my cut and for that much weight I feel like I haven’t turned into extreme fatass haha. Close


def doing it man i would give up my prized posessions to get to your status right now if it was just that simple lol! Awesome u are steadily attaining your goals awesome work!:smiley:


i am hoping to go see the new star wars next weekend or just after christmas i will see if i can get people together. let me know if its worth seeing😃


Will do brother.


Did chest to rest my left leg. Now for some kind of cheat meal. Already 1 meal behind from going to the movie.

12/16 - Chest/Calves (Bens Mass Gain Routine #2 - week #12)

skipped legs as hammy is tender, did chest instead

Cables Flyes: warmup: 20x15, 40x10 … working: 70x12, 80x10x3 (3 second negative, 2 second hold at contraction)

Bench Press: warmup: 95x12, 135x12, 185x8 … working: 225x10-12x4

Incline DB Bench Press: 80x12x4

DB Flyes: 40x12x4 (3 second pause at bottom for a good stretch)

Seated Calf Raises: 90x15x4