Fitraver gains and goals 2017


Well, guess I did thanksgiving wrong cuz I lost weight down to 206.2 lol. Got in one meal and the rest will just be random stuff on the road. No diet next 3 days. Raving all night tonight and tomorrow. Can’t wait!!!


Morning everyone. I made it through the rave and back to reality. I was down to 201.2 yesterday but had a few big meals out on the drive one and was 204.6 today.

Work today and then getting in chest later. Happy to be back in the gym after 3 days off.


Got in my chest. Was tired as hell from hardly any sleep the previous two days but made it happen.

11/27 - Chest/Cardio (Bens Mass Gain Routine #2 - week #9)

DB Twist Press: 30x15, 40x15 … working sets: 70x10x2, 75x10x2 (slow solid reps, really focus on squeeze at the top) (full stretch at bottom, press up and twist pinkies in towards each other at top the top)

Incline Barbell Press: 95x15 … working sets: 200x10, 205x7 (going for 8), 210x6, 135xfail (2-3 inches above chest and 3/4 way up not full lockout)

DB Flat Bench Press: 80x9 (going for 6), 85x6x3 (drop 35x8, 40x8x3) (slow solid reps) (pause at bottom for 2 seconds then explode up)

Smith Decline Bench Press (wide grip): warmup: 135x40 … working sets: 185x25, 195x20, 210x12, 220x8 (drop 185x8, drop 135x8, widen grip same weight 135x8) (touch chest but only go 3/4 way up not full lockout)

Peck Deck Flyes: 130x25x3

Uphill Walk: 25 minutes.


204 today. Think it’s time to lay off cardio for awhile. Might drop it down to 20 min 2-3x a week now. Got like 3.5 weeks left on this blast to pack on as much as I can.

Leg gains today after a miserable day at work. Man I am still tired from the weekend. I could have slept all day.


Wa literally falling asleep at my desk at work I’m so damn exhausted but still made myself get in my lift. Gotta get it done.

11/28 -Legs/Calves (Bens Mass Gain Routine #2 - week #9)

6 minutes warm up on bike level 5

Lying Leg Curls: warmup sets: 80x20, 80x20 … working sets: 140x15, 145x12, 155x8, 150x10 (drop 110x10, drop 70x10 add weight 85x25 partials at the bottom. Only coming up about 2-3 inches) (keep toes pointed on as many reps as you can before curling them up - much harder this way so less weight than before)

Barbell Stiff Legged Deads: warmup sets: 45x20, 45x20 … working sets: 155x10x2 (super slow, really flex glutes and hams on each rep)

Leg Press: warmups: start with 1 plate on each side and keeping adding 1 to each side until warmed up … working sets: 720x10, 765x10x2 (3 second negative then explode up on each rep, super deep and controlled reps)

1 min fascia stretch on each quad

Hack Squat: 405x10x3 (On the third set, use the same weight, but go down all the way and pause, then drive the weight back up hard. Keep TUT and dont lockout do not lock out. Do the 10 reps, then cut the weight in half and do 15 more reps)

1 min fascia stretch on each quad, repeat twice

Standing Calf Raises: 150x10x5.


204.6 today and another shit day at work ahead. Just want this day to be done and to kill some arms. Then chill on the couch and relax.

Happy hump day…


Haven’t posted a pic in forever cuz I’m a fatass right now but thought I’d get one up. Arm day done. Good pum

11/29 - Biceps/Triceps/Abs (Bens Mass Gain Routine #2 - week #9)

*rotate bi and tri exercises - 2 min rest between sets)

Cross Body Hammer Curls: warmups: 15x15, 25x15 … working sets: 40x10x4 (let weight come all the way down and really force contraction hard at top … hard grip on db throughout)

Rope Pressdowns: warmups: 40x15, 60x15 … working sets: 90x12x4 (attach two ropes to make it longer, walk back fro pulley a bit and pull backwards)(squeeze hard at bottom for a second, keep elbows tight to side for good stretch)

Barbell Curls: warmups: 40x10 … working sets: 70x8x3 (3 second negative, keep perfect form)

Machine Dips: warmups: 110x15 … working sets: 190x12, 205x10, 220x8 (don’t fully lockout, keep constant tension, 3 second negative)

Seated EZ Bar Preacher Curls: 70x8x3 (squeeze hard at top, only come 90% down not fully extended)

Incline SkullCrushers: 60x12x3 (lower weight behind head and pause at stretched position for a second)

Prone Incline Bench DB Concentration Curls: 20x8x3 (keep weights pressed together, 20-30 second stretches after each)

Cable Kickbacks: 20x8x3

Leg Raises: bwx15-20x3 (focus blowing all air out on crunch)

Decline Crunches: Bwx15-20x3 (focus blowing all air out on crunch)

Pulldown Crunches: bwx15-20x2 (hang from bar and vacuum really blow all air out and pull abs to paint)


Got back up to 206 today. That bite of coolie dough I had last night musta helped :wink: off to work then a full rest day for me. ALMOST FRIDAY!


Praapar… Have you ever looked at luimarco on u tube? Some Canadian but was interesting. Anyway. I forget were you down to 190? You look a lot fuller here and still definitely as lean as you should be, you could still get a little fatter actually( not on purpose but…) So, nice work. Its hard, but don’t look at the damn scale so much! :joy: legs coming up? Good weights used. Are you thinking about competing in bbing or classic? In your leaner pics when this ugm started it looks like you’d do well in classic or physique, I hate the board shorts but the guys are fuckin shredded and they have the flat lean small waists, not like me or the big ogar bbers. I’m so smooth but can always see my abs but they are chunks. At least they are even. OK, so gave you a month head start. Now, I’m gonna show you kids a old school decomposition! Pics tonight. Anyway, good muscle gains so far, your probably tall. You have to wonder if you ate anything( within some reason) and didn’t do 48 hrs straight cardio every week​:confused:. aAS work really amazing when you eat and eat and train fast and heavy. Ask anyone who has done that and they will tell you. Not healthy but you’d be 220. You would be surprised you don’t get super fat unless its ur body type. Good job.


206 again this morning. TGIF I’m ready for work to be done so I can go get in back!! No big plans this weekend but likely going to have to work on stuff at home for my job. Sucks lol


Hey bro. Thanks for the kind note. So I actually was down to about 180 (I think 181 or 182) in those pics of me being cut up at the beginning you’re referring to. It’s been slightly over 23 weeks now since the end of that cut and as of today I’m 206 so up about 25 lbs so far. I’m honestly thinking about bumping my cals up to 6000 starting Monday. That would add 500 in addition to me dropping out the cardio. I’ve got 3 more weeks on this blast and then a cruise of about 5 weeks before I’d have to start a 12 week blast for a Comp here. If I decide I want to do it. My old coach I stopped using a few weeks back since I’m just pounding food really wants me to. Pretty sure I would do physique. I have really been working on my legs tho. I need to take my measurements again, mah e I’ll do that today.

Funny you say I still look lean cuz I feel like a fatass lol. I’ll get up another full body pic here soon vs justvmy arms and youmat agree more lol. Abs are pretty much gone. My goal was 215 but I’d be happy with 210 at this point cuz I’m not sure I’ll keep the cals this high whe I cruise. I wanna keep them up enough to maintain the muscle I’ve added but don’t wanna have too much in there and just be getting fat without the gear to help use ip the nutrients.


It was a complement. That was 23 weeks ago, omg. You’ll prob do well in physique. The eyes when we judge go immediately to abs / chest. Serratus, obliques. Yours seem to separate if I, remember. That’s good. As far as legs go, yes they need to be in ballpark, but if you get them shredded, you can hide or create the illusion of bigger leg by posing certain ways, especially if you have good abductors and sartorius(rope)


Yeah feels like forever ago. My coach Hink’s I will do well. I’m still not 100% sure I’m going to do it. I want to, but at the same time it’s a lot of work and I could just shred up to 8-9% and be happy without going crazy to like 4%


Took my measurements today and was pretty pumped. It’s been 9.5 weeks since my last ones and my arms are up .5” to 16.5 each and my chest and thighs are both up 2”. All my measurements are even better than they were at the end of my last bulk as well. Still got 3 weeks left too and 5 cruising before a cut.

Blasted back today.

12/2 - Back/Traps (Bens Mass Gain Routine #2 - week #10)

Focus on solid form with good stretch and contraction, 2 minute rest between working sets

Meadow Rows: warmups: 25x15, 25x15 … working sets: 80x10x4 (pull with elbow)

DB Single Arm Dead Stop Rows: working sets: 115x8x3 (let db rest in floor at bottom of each rep so you can’t use momentum on way up, have to start from dead stop)

fascia stretch for 1 minute each lat, twice

Lat Pulldowns: 150x10x4 (facing away back curled over machine leg pad- neutral grip)

Stretchers: 90x12x2 (slow reps full stretch)

Heavy partial Pulldowns: 255x8x2 (pick a weight you can’t do full rep with but hold for huge stretch at top and only contract to top of head, then big stretch again for each rep)

Rack Pulls: 225x8x2, 315x5x2, 365x3x2

Barbell Shrugs: warmups: 135x25 (no pause) … working sets: 135x12x3 (3 second pause at top)

Seated Shrug Machine: 90(each arm)x10x3 (3 second pause at top).


Feel the same way, I have nothing to gain but good pics and media coverage. Last show was DVDs and I feel if someone can stay 7 to 8 percent bf, that’s great. 4% requires something crazy to be done at some point. If I was even in 30s definitely go onstage again. I think its good to get in unbelievably great shape if you can nowadays just to have that stuff you can look back on. Every once in awhile I’ll bring a copy of the little articles in ironman that lonnie teper wrote to show to the puffed up 26 yo techs. :yum:everyone should compete once I’ve always thought. If it can stay fun, do it.


Haha gotta show us youngins what’s up :slight_smile: I actually did a show once but just to see what it was like. I was natty in an npc show lol and a massive one at that. It kinda turned me the wrong way, but I think now at a local show to start instead of a big one I could def place. Idk on one hand I really want to, but on the other I kinda just wanna get to a point I look good naked and stay there and haha. Especially since that should be around 190 this time vs 180 last time. I’ll take that.


Here a little update on my fluffy ass. Sitting at 206 still this am


You’re still looking lean even at 206 brother I can see you have added lean hard muscle mass to your frame


Thank you buddy! I always appreciate your support.


Leg day done. Now headed to pickup my pizza cheat meal!! Mmmmmm

12/2 - Legs/Calves (Bens Mass Gain Routine #2 - week #10)

6 minutes warm up on bike

Seated Leg Curls: warmup sets: 70x20, 110x20 working sets: 210x10, 220x8, 230x6, 110X35 (drop weight to a little lighter than what was started with and do 35 reps, use partials if can’t get 35 full) (as many reps as I can with toes pointed then finish with them curled if needed)

Leg Press: warmups: start with 1 plate on each side and keeping adding 1 to each side until warmed up … working sets: 720x16x3 (weight should be one normally done for 12 reps, keep constant tension no locking out, really work lower half of movement and use hands to assist if needed)

Squat (normal): warmups: 135x15, 185x15, 225x15 … worming sets: 315x15, 315x15, 135xfail

1 min fascia stretch on each quad

Hack Squats (normal/high): warmups: 90x20 … working sets: 360x8x3 (pause at bottom of each rep for a second then explode up but not to full lockout then back down, keep constant TUT for all 8 reps)

DB Stiff Legged Deads: 60x12x3 (don’t come all the way up and bend knees slightly at bottom of rep, focus pushing hips back and keeping dbs up against you)

1 min fascia stretch on each quad, repeat twice

Seated Calf Raises: 90x20x5 (lower all the way down, explode up and old contraction for 3 seconds)