Fitness Standards for Men


Fitness standards are all activity dependent in my opinion but there is a certain baseline of athleticism that should be a goal for every athlete, regardless of their sport. I strived for a number of years to reach the following standards provided by the sadists at Gym Jones and never quite reached them all. For me, when the strength was in place the aerobic work suffered and vice versa. Presently I can hammer out 10 miles on a fasted am run but 2x BW deadlift is outta reach. What do you all think/ where are you at?

These standards are my working baseline right now before considering another run with AAS. I firmly believe that a solid base of physical fitness must be in place prior to using any additional supplements besides diet, hard work, and rest. I have not always followed that guideline and suffered for it. Kodiakgirl wrote something a bit ago about maintaining gains after cycle and the summation was if your fitness sucks before you start you are more likely to lose more of your hard earned gains.

Back squat: 2 times your body weight
Deadlift: 2.5 times your body weight
Front squat: 1.5 times your body weight
Overhead squat: 1.25 times your body weight
Bench press: your body weight for 10 reps
Power clean: 1.25 times your body weight
Turkish getup: half your body weight
60-second fan bike: 55 calories
500-meter Row: 1:30
500-meter SkiErg: 1:30 60-second fan bike: 55 calories
1,000-meter Row: 3:30
1,000-meter SkiErg: 3:30
2,000-meter row: 7:00
2,000-meter ski: 7:00
5,000-meter row: 18:30
5,000-meter ski: 18:30
1.5-mile Run: 8:45
60-minute row: 15,400 meters
60-minute ski: 15,400 meters
10K run: 50 minutes