First PharmaComStore Auction of the Year - $300 store credit


It’s time for the first @PharmaComStore Auction of 2019!!! This one will work same as the others.

@PharmaComStore has over 400 high quality products and only the best lines of AAS, HGH, PCT and everything else you need. Your One Stop Shop!

** Bids increments must be at least $5 and in increments of 5 once over $5 - so $10, $15, $20, etc are allowed increases … not $7 or $9**

Auction is for U$300 in store credit plus free shipping.


  • Starting bid is $5
  • Auction will end when there is no bid for 24 hours.
  • Once a bid is made there will be 24 hours to out bid. If no one out bids, the auction is over.
  • The 24 hour countdown begins when the auction hits $170.
  • If you want to outbid yourself you can, but must wait 3 hours.

Other details:

  • No product restrictions
  • Cannot be combined with any other promos/codes/discounts

See Product Selection Here


First PharmaComStore Auction of 2019 - $300 Store Credit

Can I complete?


If I can $150 is my bid for $300


Fine with me bro!

The bid is $150 by @Bigmurph


My bid is $170 @Fitraver


@Borris01 in the lead with $170 and 6 hours left on his clock to be outbid.


@Borris01 is the winner. I will shoot you a pm with your code once I have it. Thanks for bidding.


I almost went for it I believe next time I will


Damnnn I was to late… I saw this auction earlier and meant to get back to bid after the gym… congrats Borris


There shall be more :wink:


Sorry @Bigmurph but I will have to say I am pretty excited, thanks @Fitraver for allowing me to participate . Solid


Thank you @KoJacked11