First meal of the day


This is interesting to me because I have been believing the “broscience” about soy and other products being an issue with estrogen levels. I do stay away from cows milk also and I have even ran a cycle of just fish and bird only. No farm raise fresh it cost a fortune to feed me during this cycle but I believe that it was one of the best diets I ever used during a cycle.
Ive never really used soy products but I do enjoy soy or almond milk and I stay away from it though just because of what ive been told. Which looks to be wrong.
As grrl said though the research seems to always come out with the results that whoever paid for it wanted. The system is kinda messed up.


My first meal of the day is 8 egg whites, w/spinach, cup of oatmeal with a little frozen berries, and a whey protein shake.
I won’t lie, when I’m bored of the taste I’ll sprinkle some Feta cheee in the eggs. I love this meal. Fills me up without leaving me feeling bloated. Then I do the Tupperware thing for the rest of my meals until I get home.


Pretty much sounds exactly like my day too!:grin:


Yeah sometimes I feel like I’m trapped on an island with a coconut tree, since I’m always eating the same stuff, but it’s what we gotta do. Usually takes me about a month to go stir crazy and start fucking up my diet. But that only lasts a few days then I’m back on track


I feel like a island inside my head


What I linked you to was a meta analysis. A meta analysis is an aggregation of results over years worth of different studies… all of which have lead to the conclusion that phytoestrogen doesn’t affect endogenous hormone levels. They aren’t just opinion articles/blog posts but actual studies.

Let’s see some of this research for the rest of the forum to see. I’m a very open minded person and I know a lot of members here are that way inclined also. If you want to have a constructive conversation about soy, you need to provide some sort of evidence to make it constructive. I’m always willing to listen and learn something that I might not have been aware of previously.

You can sit there all day and say… ‘based off of my research I believe this or that’ … but that isn’t constructive in the slightest and doesn’t give what you’re saying any credibility. Provide some evidence and then we can have a real discussion.


This could definitely get interesting.
Im interested


Yeah. This is a big problem.

You need to ensure that the design of a study is adequate. Certain study designs can lead to biased results… this is done deliberately by certain industries trying to push an agenda.

Studies can be very misleading due to people with money and an agenda to push… not all studies fall into this category however. It’s a matter of establishing why a study was performed, who funded it, why it was funded and how the study was designed. Most people don’t do this… most people wouldn’t know how to do this. So you have one study giving the conclusion of white and another giving a conclusion of black. It confuses people. That’s what industries want. If you don’t know what to believe, you won’t change your behaviours.


You’ve got some amazing ways to explain and validate your position on things! Very understandable and good reads!


Thanks Mr Member of the month.


Right on bro! Right back at ya👍


I do sauteed zucchini noodles and some meat. (usually crockpot roasts) I’m like Bigmurph, carbs bloat me so generally stay low carb and concentrate carb intake around workouts.