First IJL Anadrol dose added into cycle


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Just spoke with IJL. My Anadrol will be at my house when I get off work today.

Today is sparring day. So I’ll take my first 50mg dose before heading to the boxing gym. My trainer is bringing in a 145 lb. southpaw Welterweight he’s a banger but the plan is to have him imitate the guy im facing bc he’s fought and beat him in the past.

Time to bring the smoke today! :boxing_glove::dash:
Should be a good tune up and gauge to see where I’m at and what needs to improve.


Let me kkow how it went for you after brotha! :muscle:


@Iron_Junkie_Labs Went 6 rounds with a monster last night. If the sparring were being scored my trainer said I won 4 of the 6 easy. I on the other hand don’t believe so. Not bc I’m lacking confidence but simply bc I feel I could have done a better job of keeping him from driving me backwards and forcing me to do more work off the ropes that I wanted to.

One thing I’m certain of is that my stamina is 100%. At no point during the sparring session did I ever feel winded or coming close to gassing out. He hit me with a couple good left hooks the first one was in the first round that put me on the ropes but I was able to work out of it. The second one wobbled me a bit in the 4th round but this guy had some serious power but nothing I haven’t felt before. I was able to lock him up and clinch long enough to get my legs back and get refocused long enough to make to the end of the round. The 5th and 6th rounds he and I both agree I dominated those rounds but that when I have always done my best work. When I get fighters in to the mid to late rounds I’ve pretty much got them figured out and kno what they are trying to do what their strengths are and how to make the adjustments to take those strengths away. I never did put him on the canvas. I got alot of good shots off and was fairly easy to box this guy when I wanted to box. When he wanted to come in close and try to hang in the pocket so he could try to bang I just used my fighting IQ and intelligent defense tied him up and and forced the reset so he had to box and couldn’t bang. It was a great sparring session, I learned a lot from him and he seems to think the guy doesn’t stand a chance against my style but he did tell me don’t let him fool you bc he will try to set traps and go for the knockout. He told me just stick to my strengths and continue to work on my power, don’t go for the K.O. early on pick my shots, be smart and he will open up and the big shot will be there. I have supreme confidence that by the time these next 2 weeks of the last 3 before the fight I will be 100% ready to dismantle this guy.


Really loving the confidence brother! Its food for the wise man but the liquor of the fool. You are wise in the ring my brother Because you wait for that key moment to strike and dont get winded by throwing uneccesarry punched/jabs just like your trainer is teaching you, from the sounds of it you got this in the bag definitely brother and your trainer should be proud as we are of your dedication! Not alot of folks can endure what you go thru, which makes boxers some of the Elite in the fitness industry imo. :muscle: :boxing_glove: :boom:
Thanks for the update brotha keep it comigg!


My brother that was some very respectful, thoughtful, and truthful words you just dropped. I appreciate the compliments also the respect. We plan to keep doing our thing. Working on power shots, combinations and footwork the next two weeks, then bring it all together the final week of fight week and touch up on the back up plans. :boxing_glove::boxing_glove:

@Iron_Junkie_Labs thank you so much for you constant encouragement and support! Can’t say one negative thing about you guys. The gear is treating me great and with addition of your adrol for the next 4 week I’m so excited as hell to see what kind of results I’ll end up with and what weight class I’ll end up hitting by June or July!