First cycle results and thoughts


After my 10 week cycle of 300 test cyp weekly and tbol for the first 6 weeks I’m happy with my results. Eating 3500 calories a day trying to lean bulk I’ve went from 215 to 230 and remained lean. I feel like this was a great starting cycle and way to learn the ways my body reacts. I want to thank iron junkie labs and all the guys on this forum for the support. Time to cruise on my trt until October and my next cycle. I’m thinking 500 test cyp and 300 1-test cyp weekly to really get that lean look before next years Arnold.


Nice work bro. Glad you liked the stuff! Thats crazy you were gaining from 215-230 only eatin 3500 cals! I almost feel bad for you man, that’s not much for your size. Id be starving!!


I feel like I’m eating a ton for me lol. I usually maintain around 2800 cal a day. I wish I could eat more and not gain a ton of fat!


Just not blessed with too good of a metabolism. Everyone is different and we gotta do what we gotta do. How old are you?


Actually I’m only 30. I was just 300 lbs and dropped to 185 about 8 years ago. I think my metabolism has been on such a rollercoaster ride that I’m lucky to have it dialed in where it is lol


Oh shit. That is a roller coaster ride haha. Nice work man.