First cycle Questions


Hey guys, I’ve started my first cycle last Thursday. Second Injection was this morning, was wondering roughly how long it usually takes to see results on test E, running 500mg a week. Also is it safe to bump it up to 600mg a week?


Oh man. So first tell is about yourself. What’re your stats? What’s your body fat like? What sort of diet are you running, do you stick to a meal plan every day? Do you sleep enough? Do you by miss lifts? All of these things need to be dialed in for you to see good results. If you kill all those the results will come. Is your test 250? Just say stick to 500 or 600 and ride it out from beginning. Upping 100 midway won’t do much. Nobody can say “how long til results”. By end of week for your levels should be stable tho. Good luck.


Hey man, im about 5’7 150 lbs, been lifting consistently for about a year and a half, respectable in most lifts but not too crazy strong, right now im running p/p/l 6 days a week eating in a slight surplus everyday. I compete in a sport where almost everyone juices so figured its time to hop on. just running basic Test E at 500mg a week. Test is 250mg/ml


It depends on all the other factors. You can’t out train a bad diet and you can’t out diet poor training. Steroids will not overcome an improper lifestyle.

If you have everything else dialed in the added benefits of the exogenous testosterone will be evident in slow steady steps forward.


Just to add in guys, I don’t miss workouts, I track my macros, and focus on progressive overload each workout. Everything is on point, I do not believe in half assing anything.


Then you already have the answer to the question concerning results. Stick to the path and appreciate the benefits that steroids will add to your dedicated mindset. First cycles can be the most memorable so be patient, enjoy the ride and do not adjust anything. Let this be your learning experience if you choose to continue using in the future.


If I’m being totally honest, having only lifted for a year and half on and off I think starting roods is a bad idea and that’s my personal opinion. You have not dedicated enough time yet, but it’s always up to what you want if you’ve studied the risks. Is your goal for strength and look or strictly athletic performance? How old are you? Do you know about ais and pct??


Yes I’m running adex .5mg every 3.5 days right now, also got nolva for pct. My goals are mostly for athletic performance but adding size and looks is a secondary goal of mine and having those are never bad haha.


May I ask your age?


Yes, I am 18. I am aware of the risks and everything, but I am doing everything correctly and tryin to do as much research/ ask as much questions as I can.


At your age your natural testosterone production is at its highest. Taking exogenous testosterone is going to suppress that natural production as you know. I ain’t going to bust your balls for using steroids at a young age because your are a grown man. I just wanted to know because it helps all of us provide you the best advice. A lot of advice is universal while some is gender and/or age dependent.


I wish you the best. You know my stance. We can be here to guide you but just make sure cuz it’s a life decision. You very well may not recover and need to pin the rest of your life to feel normal. Take t from someone who jacked their test with only pro hormone.


Amen and wise warning!


5’7 150. What sport? Horseracing? Jockeys usually are very competitive and will try to gain every competitive edge available. I’m just joking…unless you really are a jockey! I always hear the first cycle is the best. If that’s true, then up it to a gram a week and some NPP and 100 mg of ANADROL a DAY. No, no I’m just saying what I might have done at 15 or 16. Seriously!!! Ask away, I would of waited until I was training solid and eating the right amt of food. Only you can answer that. I was an athlete too and thought everyone was on the shit as well. In my opinion, if you cycle especially if you are doing sports specific training, plan a good off period with pct. I’ve seen and made the mistake of half assing post cycle. Its not just a serm. Keep training albeit maybe not as intense if you are in season. Keep researching and make it fun.


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Id have to agree with all these vets @Fitraver @SemperFi @rnmuscle you def should have waited till 22-23 even longer but whats done is done my man. I too started younger than i should have but if you do it right be smart dont go nuts and put 120% into all aspects and always take time off to recover with pct than it can still be a risky adventure. I wish you the best of luck and we are here to help bro


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