Finding a TRT Physician


We see this issue rear its ugly head here all the time. The struggle to find an effective TRT doctor who is willing to partner with you in achieving a successful protocol. Someone who will listen to your specific, individual needs as we are all different. If you are being treated poorly or not up to your expectations with your current physician and are seeking change, the following thoughts/recommendations are from both personal experience and the collective experience of the members of this forum during my tenure here.

In 2012 the owner of this site took it upon himself to develop a working model for TRT Clinics nationwide. This effort was in response to the success of this forum and the overwhelming realization of the need for effective and efficient care for TRT patients around the country. In short, there are just far too many patients being treated poorly by physicians who are not up to current standards in Hormone Replacement Therapy.

After much time and effort in 2013 has become a reality and clinics are starting to open in various locations across the country. These will in fact be your one-stop shot for all your hormone replacement therapy needs. Run by doctors who understand hormones who will treat you with progressive, modern methodologies as expected by the members of this forum and in-line with leading doctors in this industry.

Spend some time reading this forum and you will quickly understand how little knowledge the normal doctor has when it comes to low testosterone and its proper diagnosis and treatment. That being said, please take the time to click on the link above. It very well may change your life for the better!

Do your homework and educate yourself in all aspects of hormone replacement therapy using all available sources including this forum and the sticky threads above it. Remember, an educated patient is the successful patient.


After a complete Medical History, which laboratory assays should be run as part of your initial hypogonadism workup? Following is a list, but certainly other specialists in this area may run expanded or attenuated panels, per individual clinical experience and expertise. Of note, additional tests which should be included to complete a comprehensive Anti-Aging Medicine workup, inflammatory markers, insulin , comprehensive thyroid study and as always, the panel needs to be tailored to the individual patient. Here are examples only recommended by Dr. John Crisler in his paper “Current Best thoughts on How to Administer TRT for Men.”

• Total Testosterone
• Bioavailable testosterone (aka Free and Loosely Bound)
• Free Testosterone
• DHT (gel users especially pay attention to this)
• Estradiol (specify “sensitive” assay for males)
• LH
• Prolactin
• Cortisol
• Thyroid Panel (complete)
• Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
• Lipid Panel
• PSA (age dependent)
• IGF-1, IGFBP-3 (if HGH therapy is being considered)
• Vitamin D


• Total Testosterone
• Bioavailable Testosterone
• Free Testosterone
• Estradiol (specify “sensitive” assay for males)
• LH
• Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
• Lipid Profile
• PSA (for those over 40 with family history of prostate CA. >45 all others)
• IGF-1, IGFBP-3 (if GH therapy has been initiated already)

Get the actual test results from the lab or doctors office. You paid for them therefore they are yours. Begin to maintain a chronological file for all your lab work. An excel spread-sheet is even nicer. It will pay off later when analyzing progress. If you’re not being treated at do not accept that “your results are normal.” Many doctors don’t know what normal is and “normal” is really a relative term. Get your own results and do your own research. Always insist on seeing your actual results. Get a copy for your own records as stated above.

Many members here have ended up having to go from doctor to doctor until they can find one who will work with them. Many doctors surprisingly know very little about TRT. You know your body better than they do. Insist on a proper diagnosis first and foremost before therapy begins. Find the causative factor! If and when therapy does begin, be sure to get ALL of your symptoms treated. Take some time and watch this video by Dr. Abraham Morgantaler, arguably the most knowledgeable Urologist on the planet when it comes to Testosterone. It will help you to eliminate some concerns that are rampant in the media and forums.

DO NOT believe the ranges the lab report shows. DO NOT believe that you are fine just because you are “in range.” Ranges are relative and a good range for one person may not be correct for another. I repeat, do your own research.

Remember, you are in charge of your health and your doctor is there to help you. Not the other way around. This, in and of itself is one of the reasons was developed!

Hope the above helps! In good health!


You can just google Low T and your city of residence. Finding a Low T clinic is as easy as finding a percocet clinic in West Virginia.


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I wish it were that easy in Ohio.


There are some clinics that offer mail order testosterone and meet via skype. Boston Testosterone is one I found while researching and Hollywood HEalth Center is one that google must have sold my info to, as they started sending me emails and phone calls.

My wife uses a great clinic in Denver CO, called denver hormone health. they recently merged with sculptedmd and have lots of clients in the fitness industry.

I’m surprised that they are not abundant in OH, another state with pain clinics in high numbers.


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