Female primo enth cycle


I actually might be bailing on it now. When I signed up it said truck pull and I was under the impression it’d ge a harness pull and no they want you to play tug of war lol can’t do that by myself!


Oh shut yeah that’s a whole diff game.


If you’re using feed store syringes a much better place is medlabgear.com
There very convenient
Another big help for me when using alot of gear is a heating pad you can use it to heat the gear just throw the vial in it or after you pin just use the heating pad on the injection site it helps the muscle really take in the oil.


Lol thats a whole different level


Allegro Medical Supply is my go to source for all things sticky. :wink:


Ha ha, that’s what I use to shipping time is great typically 3-4 days


I might have this wrong. 1.5 inch for delt? Delt is not an easy poke with the “three heads” actually go in in between and too far in. I’ve had those type of Slow dispersing “knots” at times. I really think a big problem that no matter how good we are and the stuff is, its best if someone gives us a poke. I know I am not flexible enough to use all the surface area that I could especially in glutes. And who hasn’t cramped up or even pulling the poke out too slow or too fast. I expect soreness , not fever or cellulitis but I’m stabbing my self for weeks and then years…my .09 worth.


Not to mention the molecular weight of primo makes it prone to pip. The heavier the molecular weight the more stress/ trauma it will cause the body.


Another .09 worth…yep. I don’t know, I expect to know that I jabbed myself just like I still wanna be sore after training and full after eating…:sunglasses::sunglasses:




My women loves pinning me, not quite sure why but if she’s around I give her the pleasure of doing it…I feel like I didn’t go hard enough if I’m not sore after the gym