Female primo enth cycle


Hey Guys,
Just placed an order for primo enth. Excited to try it out as i have never used primo before. I have done my research as far as cycle/dosing for a female but wanted to see if anyone else has used it before it gets to me. Thanks


I’ll definitely be following along on this one, I have a female workout partner who’s an old school bodybuilder and she’s been curious about trying primo


My wife tried some from naps a while back. I believe it was there brand and it hurt like hell. Knotted up bad. Almost crippled her she said. So she stopped taking it. She hasn’t tried any since. Hopefully you’ll have a better experience with it.


I had a friend that also had knots at the injection site. But I also read that warming the oil helps. But it varies from person to person as far as the knot reaction


Im about to start a primo cycle myself. I actually use a wax warmer and I have zero pip from the inj.
Im using pharmacomstore.ws 200mg/ml and bm pharma 100mg/ml amps. I can vouch for both being smooth. I know that the bm pharma which I tested with a roidtest and it was a positive result and its very cost effective for a man especially needing around 800mgs a wk.
If you are going with primo since you can get away with taking much less. I would say that you should use pharma grade products. I really believe that females should use pharma grade products because of the horrible side effects that could happen from a counterfeit product. I would reccomend pharmacomstore.ws primo or geneza from naps.
What type of dose are you thinking about using?
Just curious about your background with any other compounds?
I would say to start low and build up to see where your sweet spot with dose is.

I see that you already ordered. Which lab did you choose?


I went with iron Junkies they came recommended from a friend of mine that uses this site. I’ve used anavar, winstrol, test cyp ranging from 25-50 mg weekly and test enth at 25 mg weekly. I’m trying to stay away from the test, it was more so for restorative purposes(i have PCOS) and hoping not to have to use that again. Havent gotten really any sides. Just some mild acne from the enth, but aside from var pretty much everything has me bloat, not terribly but my weight doesnt budge, (i recompose, but the number stays the same) and its not ideal when you try to make weight for contests, so someone suggested this. Im not entirely sure as it is enthanate and I was planning to use acetate lol. I have friend that ran 20 mg EOD so I’m assuming I’ll go with 60-80 For the one shot. I’m still researching and trying to cover my ground before it gets here.


As a woman she will respond well and can make much better gains on less gear than as a man. 100-200mg a week of primobolan enanthate will be more than enough especially if you consider low dose anavar say 10-15mg a day also plus addition of 2iu a day of gh would really have her looking nice. I dont think she should do any test. Could def add some t3 to boost metabolism like 25mcgs a day would be great addition also. Primo will boost her immune system so thats a nice benefit. My buddies wife is ifbb pro and she has used this sane cycle off-season to make amazing gains while maintaining low bf% and also keeping her female look which is super important in my eyes.


I was thinking starting with 100 and see how it goes! I also thought of breaking it up into two per week instead of one shot… thoughts? Not sure if it takes as long as test to kick in since it’s enthanate


I think splitting dose is always best. I always pin as requested as possible. Sometimes the ed stuff gets old tho haha. If you’re okay pinning I’d def day splt it.


I agree with fit about splitting the dose and injecting 2 x per week this will help keep your blood levels more stable without peaks and valleys.
From my experience I started to feel the primo at 2wks in. I hear people say that it takes a long time but it just isn’t true. Its just like you said the enanthate ester will have your levels rising around 10-14 days in.


So first off @Iron_Junkie_Labs has got it going on. They shipped out my stuff… Wednesday? I received it Saturday! Quick and discreet. I’m already impressed by them! FANTASTIC customer service. I pinned for the first time last night, I was planning on starting out 50 mg a week(25mg twice a week) and gauging how to go from there, but the dosing is so ridiculous with a 1 ML syringe I did 30mg just because I didn’t want to count lines :joy: . My biggest fear was the “knotting up” with primo, I had a friend who would get huge knots, almost like an allergic reaction, and I would have to break it up for her.(I’m a rehab massage therapist) but I woke up and had soreness and that was it! So very excited! I’m coming down from a bulk, sitting at 179(I compete in 165 weight class) so I’m also starting Stan efferdings “vertical diet.” So I’ll update you guys in a couple weeks!! (I also spontaneously signed up for a 24k dump truck pull for charity, never pulled that much, maybe 15k, so I’ll let you guys know if I’m alive or not after​:joy:)


That’s awesome! I’m starting his vertical diet today as well! I’m excited.


Thanks for the update. That’s awesome. Looking forward to more.


Let me know! I’m still trying to figure it out as far as prep since I’m cutting! Lol


First pin was last Sunday. And I didn’t have the “knot/pip,” next day it came. It’s now Saturday and it still is there. I’m a massage therapist so I put rock tape over it to see if it’ll help break it up. I pinned Wednesday on my right delt and it’s fine, no swelling, nothing. So I’m thinking I may have just hit something when I first pinned. I feel pretty good so far especially combining with the vertical diet as far as Food choice. I am combining it with the structure recommendations from renaissance periodization. (Stan wants you to limit to 100 carbs when cutting weight and I don’t want to risk that so close to nationals)


I would like to go pull a dump truck. I never have these events take place in my area.
Glad to hear that you started your primo my first primo shot is tomorrow. I had to stop myself this morning from jumping on but im really trying to keep a strong schedule.
Those knots are usually from my experience actually are a allergic reaction to gluicol probably spelled wrong but horrible stuff if you’re like me and have a bad reaction to it.
Have fun at the pull.


Ok missed this part. Did you try heating the shot before injection?
I use a wax warmer candle warmer work great even a blow dryer ive used in the past.
What type of pin are you using guage and brand?


@Iron_Junkie_Labs stuff is Outfuckingstanding I run a bunch of his stuff and it’s all smooth and no pain!


Haha @Bigmurph new bucket list item:

  • Pull dump truck


I didn’t warm it. I thought about it after reading everyone’s thoughts on warming it but I was worried I’d overdo it. I use a 23 gauge 1 cc syringe. I get it local here. But yeah my second pin nothing happened so I think I just hit something in my delt😂