Fasted training with carbs before bed only


Thoughts on morning fasted training. Eating high protein fat all day except last meal which is 2 hours before and having carbs. 100-200g. Thoughts


Thanks for posting this @Massmonster42. Without knowing your specific goals of this diet here is my take for you consideration.

  1. 100-200 carbs is insufficient to restore your bodies glycogen storage.

  2. You are consuming too many carbs to be in ketosis.

  3. Since you are on the border of glucogenisis and ketosis your body is in metabolic confusion.

  4. Since your active body will be in limited glucogensis and is not in ketosis it may find itself in gluconeogenesis.

  5. In gluconeogenisis the body converts protein into glucose. If you do not consume enough protein at the right time the body will be converting muscle into energy (catabolic state).

  6. In metabolic confusion the body is hindered from using fatty acids (body fat/consumed fat) as energy.

  7. Metabolic efficiency is a preferred state. Metabolic flexibility is a trained state utilizing appropriate nutrient timing.

There are so many factors to say your diet plan is good or bad without knowing the specific goals but I hope this information helps you in your diet decision process.


Awesome informative post as always brotha. I def agree either choose to have carbs in your diet or not. You need to pick and decide what your goal is to accomplish then adjust your diet accordingly to attain it.


Thanks @SemperFi very helpful post


@SemperFi hes one of the most informative and knowledgeable bros we have here on this site!