Fake SRXLabs.Com Domain Is A Scam



Thanks for the head’s up to the community.
Did this happen recently?


This is the SCAM SITE

This is the real site


Yes I made the mistake of using this website yesterday. I had only used SRX through WSM prior to this so I did not know there were 2 sites. One being the scam site


Dhar1170 made us aware of this site, hopefully no one else has been scammed.


Thanks for the heads up bro, really appreciate it!


Whoa good catch and thanks for posting up!


This is what this community is all about. I hate to see this happen but on the other side it will now help out the rest of the community.
Thanks @Dhar1170

In the future if anyone ever needs to confirm a situation like this is the real sponsor. Just goto a sponsor category and @ the sponsor or shoot them a pm.
Im always here to help with sponsor situations also.


Thank you guys for being cool and not calling me a dumb ass … Etc


Why would we bro? A scam artist is praying on people and banking on the same mistake you made. Which is all it was on your end, a mistake. We all make mistakes and this game is full of scammers.


If anyone called you a dumbass I would make sure that they were no longer with us.

This is what this community is all about and we appreciate you bringing this to everyone’s attention.
If you frequent other forums were they would have done that f*ck them.
You should post up an introduction brother and stick around.
You can contact me anytime


Nothing of the sort mate- good info


Thanks for the heads up


Thanks for the heads up on it.


Scared me for a second. I gave them a good review and just recently ordered from them again. Arrived fast like always.

Good to see it was just some scam artist trying to screw people over. I noticed he didn’t have login or account on the fake page. Something to keep in mind when ordering.

Good catch!


Thanks for the heads up!

Time for a DOS attack on the fake site!


Great Catch :muscle:


Can we get the subject updated to say “fake srxlabs.com is a scam” or something? just dont want scare of potential customers that might not click on this post and read the details of the issue


You got it bud. Changed it just a second ago


Thanks for sharing, the website is real close, they’re trying hard. Fuck scammers!!!


@Dhar1170 I’ve been got in a similar fashion before. There was an old source I used many years back, someone had copied their email and it was the same thing. His real email was “[email protected],” well I emailed the variant without the hyphen and WU him about 400$. I realized when the real source emailed me back the error I had made.

It happens man, doesn’t make anyone dumb it simply means there is just scum bags out there who rob people.

Forgot to add that I was very lucky, because the source ended up feeling bad and sending me the product. However we have to be diligent brother because most sources can’t afford to lose 400$, now when I order from anyone I always triple check that I’m sending to the right email.