Fake facebpok girls


Be careful brothers… that may be a scam that’s currently going on, on facebook… theres some women on Facebook that act like there very intrested in you and want sex… they even go on a web cam and show u them self in hope you will show yourself to… here’s the catch … once you do show you self … she will snap pics and record ur video… she then will tell you too send her money or she will send it to everyone on your Facebook friends… be careful with that and think about how that could affect your life maybe… just wanted to let everyone know


I got an email once, said they had video of me jerking off to porn and would send it to everyone in my contacts.
Demanded I send 300 in btc.
I replied that I might be interested in hiring him to help release my sex tape, but for 300 bucks it should go way past my own contact list.