All the people around me knows me by that word :Excellent. I firmly believe every moment in life, every situation a face offers me an opportunity to choose who i want to be…I can be and feel just 'Good" like most of people answer when asked. Or i can do just good enough to pass or navigate under the radar and keep my job or go to the next grade. It takes courage to say : am EXCELLENT, it takes the courage to disregard a current bad situation and be full of faith in a better future. It takes courage to say : am gonna do EXCELLENT and stand up for the challenge. The majority of people will say am okay, am good…whatever happen to awesome, admirable , remarkable…why do we lack of passion?..where is the intensity to live up to the highest expectations? At some point a level of wisdom has to strike my mind and offer me the understanding that positivism is not related to current reality; positivism and good attitude is a decision a make, which disregards present problems, pains, conflicts and sickness because my heart is full of faith and i know and trust that is only momentary and it goes better when I, ME …have a better attitude about it.
I pray in the name of Jesus for all my brothers and sisters on UGM, i pray for their families and loved ones, i pray for the prosperity of every home, i pray for health, i pray for wisdom to make proper convenient decisions and the strength to carry on.In Jesus name.


Amen :slight_smile:

Have a nice day UGM!

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This a great philosophy and an awesome standard to live by. Unfortunately for some it can be very hard.


and I thank you and I pray for you because in your selflessness you did not pray for yourself and your own family .father look over this man pastor and his family and friends and my brothers on ugm .in jesus name amen


God bless you my brother thanks


your welcome brother thank you for the care you show us all


God bless you and thank you!


Faith is at its finest.