Every sponsor should own one


I believe that every sponsor should own this set. Its needed not only to protect yourself from someone far away taking advantage of you. To also protect the good name that you have made for yourself over the years.
You can see that this kit also tests raw material. You might be able to believe the piece of paper provided to you that says X is X but are you really willing to take a chance of losing your good name by a member testing a product before you do and posting it on every forum for everyone to see. That’s a mistake that can definitely happen ive seen it happen before to huge international sources having to basically recall entire batches that had been made and delivered. If it can happen at that level it can definitely happen at a lower level.
It is usually a simple mistake possibly a error in translation. Either way a $100 investment give or take is not a bad idea after using the coupon code for November: UGMUSCLE



I’d be interested to know which sponsors do test their products. It would give me a better peace of mind for sure!


I can say that we currently use a labmax test kit that we have used on various occasions :relieved: I will be purchasing a kit from roid test to stock up!


on board


Yeah, I was looking at those kits the other day on Amazon. Not a bad deal, especially when you see things like Bigmurph’s tests on all that bunk or mislabeled oil from a new defunct lab. Especially useful in testing more expensive compounds that are more subtle.


We have a 20% off code for the month of November

UGMUSCLE coupon code

harm reduction is really important to me.
Roidtest is a great tool


A huge thank you to everybody who used code UGMUSCLE to save 20% off this month, to all of the promo participants and of course to UGMUSCLE.com for hosting Harm Reduction Month and inviting us to be a part of it!

It’s great to see a forum that cares so much about its members, and the community!


We really appreciate having you around and appreciate the discount.
I believe that harm reduction month was a success. We learned alot this month about different compounds and tools that are available to help us get peace of mind.
We look forward to having more cooperation in the future between roidtest and ugmuscle.com
Thanks so much to everyone at @ROIDTEST


Likewise, we look forward to cooperating again in the future!


This will keep sponsors in check


I definitely try to keep them on their toes


Ohh yes he does!