Every desire of your heart


Since my boy Arlo, my bull mastiff baby ( 14 weeks old) wen to heaven…every day…every day i cry. Am not ashamed to say that is not just a tear or two rolling down my face, i have to find a place where i can be alone, because i cry so loud that is hard to breath . for the month he was with me we had so much fun. I constantly question myself for his death, if i could have been more careful, more watchful…i know there is parvo everywhere. I miss my boy with all my heart, everyday. A month ago me and my wife were doing God’s business (getting people off the street) and a breeder called and we went to see the puppies: American Pocket Bullies…as soon as my wife saw Noah ( we named him liked that) she fell in love with his blue eyes and we brought him home. 3 days ago i was praying and this is what i saw:

Noah is the pic above, below is Arlo 3 months ago

I heard God’s voice so loud…i see you crying my son…i see your heart my son.
This morning i wanna tell you that God knows what you are going thru, he knows you need him, he knows you have been waiting…He will reward your devotion. Just believe, just believe and keep believing that all your dreams will come true, he will give you every desire of your heart. In jesus name i pray.


Awwww what beautiful pooches! Im sorry for your loss Pastor!


Damn that sucks brother im sorry to hear about that