Ephedrine hcl injectable amps

Not good idea:) ephedrine is better
Pip to stomach how hcg… tren base deep IM

Thanks nandro.
So you’re saying ephedrine is best to go Sub-Q in the belly fat just like we do HCG?

Yes… start working after 20min + help burned belly fat

And you go for a whole amp? How many milligrams to an amp

Yes amp just have 25mg… on legs day i do 2 amp :slight_smile: i do eph 2 ,3 times per week…

Just got done with my first ephedrine fueled workout. One ampoule of 25 mg treated me great. I also did a quarter CC of Tren base. Half a cc of Tren gave me a headache, I hope a smaller dose treats me right.
It was a great workout. Cardio was a breeze. Got to a great Groove with some tunes and some iron

I liked used ephe with prworkout with high dose argamine… pump and power is huge!!!

I couldn’t help myself i wasn’t going to order anymore gear and I just had to get in on this promo.
Nandroxl product list being domestic is just to convenient.
1x Nandro base
Also a nice surprise pics coming