Encourage somebody today


Changing is extremely hard, specially when you are trying to change bad habits…some of them in some people are deeply rooted in their hearts and minds . 99% of the people that join a some kind of rehabilitation institution leave during the first week and 90% of those did not come on their own…they were brought in …from under the bridges, dark corners,etc by some group of missionaries that believe in fishing( for men).
It takes daily care and concern from another human being to motivate them to get better.
Us bodybuilder, power lifters, fighters …we are the leaders, we are that type of people that causes admiration… specially kids look up to us. God has put us in a wonderful position to encourage others.
So this morning i wanted to kindly ask you brothers…take a couple of minutes of your time to tell somebody how awesome they are, how great they are, how kind they are, etc…I guarantee, coming from you it will mean so much to them.
I pray for blessings for you all during the course of this day, i pray for prosperity and health. God Bless


I’ll do that now I know a close friend who needs some kind words
Thank you for your positive post brother I really enjoy reading them