Emergency situation for BIGMURPH


So im at the hospital with a family member.
I just wanted to let all @members and @Verifed_Sponsor that if you need anything please contact @TrenGod or @SemperFi.
I should be back at it Tomorrow I just don’t want anyone to think that im ignoring them.
Im also not looking for sympathy but would appreciate prayers.
Thanks ugm


You got it bro. Hope all goes well.


Good luck bro


In my prayers…


You got prayers from me and my wife on the way bro. Thanks for the update.


Hope it all works out


You got it


Prayers sent brother! God bless!


Thanks for the update brother, prayers coming your way.


Dude…family comes first. No obligation here. Hope everything turns out well.


Prayers your way bro.


Sending best wishes to you and your family brotha!!


Prayers sent brotha! Hope so is well!


Hope all’s well


Chin up brother- hope it works out


Keep us updated brother


Hope everything’s good man. In the little time that I’ve gotten to know you I can tell you’re a big guy with a big heart. All the best buddy, my prayers go out to you


Hope all is well brother… best wishes for you and your family.
@Karl he really is an amazing person and all around great guy that cares for the community like his own family. He has my support!


Def agree 110% bro! Us big guys usually have the biggest hearts :wink: @Bigmurph is a very fair and good dude. He has let me slide on more than 1 occasion which I appreciate and he has my respect big time!


Hope all is going well brother! My thoughts with you and your family’