Email scams



i just been told that there is a lot of email phishing going on at the the moment when someone email you from fed ex email or a friends or a email you know saying your email is expiring ,dont be fooled dont click on the link .has soon has you do the scammer has your email .stay safe brothers


Same with ProtonMail and them asking you to log into your account. Never click links in emails unless you’re 100% and always heck the senders address usually it’s weird looking.


suprise me about proton ,you expect it with hotmail and yahoo ,i use tutanota has well infact i think its best just to keep opening new accounts often and keeping one for certain stuff ,i change password every week has well


Use Keepass. Then create maybe 10 email accounts on various things . Use a different one for every service login. 1 per account anywhere with different Keepass password. The myfitnesspal app was hacked a few weeks back and all the emails and passwords were taken.

With Keepass it’s easy to use and you can use the Firefox browser plugin to make it fast.


nice one mate thanks