Early am training or after noon training. Trying to fit everything in as a family man


I work 7 to 3 in a underground coal mine. I have 2 boys that plays baseball all year long. All stars and travel ball. Plus I have a 3 yr girl that is getting into dance and other stuff. I’ve always heard am training you won’t see good gains compared to pm.


You can absolutely still see as good of gains in morning training. Sounds like that may best fit your schedule and allow you to train the most efficiently and get in the most consistent sessions which is key. I am not one to train fasted, so I’d want to get in a meal if that’s possible for you, but fuel up and then crush it. Then you have the rest of the day to eat and grow! Nothing wrong with that. Some people even train fasted. Just not for me.


I dont know if I believe that rhetoric man. I mean sure, if you’re trying to time Test, GH levels, pinning routines and so forth and your paycheck depends on it then maybe lol. But i think for the average Joe like you and I, it’s not going to make any noticeable difference in the end. The important thing is that you are choosing a schedule that fits your lifestyle. Without that, there is no consistency. Without consistency, theres no progress. Without progress, theres no gains. See where I’m going with that?


December 1st is coming soon. Wanting everything to be perfect.


I also believed once I could swallow a hot dog whole… a trip to the ER when I was 9 proved that to be false. :wink:


Geez lol. I’m wanna get the most of my training. Getting up at 3am really sucks. But I’ve done it in the past. 8pm bed time I’m so really to make gains. But really I’m making gains on keto.


I work the same hours as you and I always train before work. You need to do what work best for you though… Personally (and I think you can relate) I need to take that time for myself in the morning. If I wait until after work it takes time away from my family. Plus I’m usually to busy. My daughter also is in dance, I have 3 dogs that need to be walked and grad school. I need that AM workout to stay sane sometimes… Hope that helps.


@SemperFi I could go so many places with your “swallowing of the hotdog” but I won’t


Oh… Please do. Lets go down that rabbit hole together @john. My balls… your chin.


That’s fine, a hole is a hole, long as it’s warm


How did a post from training am to pm. Get to this.


My biggest problem is I’m never hungry until 9am. I guess if I get up at 3. Kill some eggs and white rice. Train. Drive to work with a shake. 6am. Start work at 7am. Eat again at 9. And so forth


@Coalhogg when on cycle or for training we eat for a purpose not because we want to or because we are hungry. I found eating by the clock is the best way to train my body to take in regular nutrients. It does suck when you don’t feel like it but so does going shopping with the wife when she wants a new pair of shoes… we just do it!


What is this thing called “not being hungry”? Foreign concept to me lol


This is what happens when you don’t discipline your children they grow up and go off topic lol



There is nothing wrong with split training. 45min in the AM 45min in the PM. I only do splits on cycle or else its just no fun.

Even setting silly goals like “do 100 push ups and 100 situps every day” regardless of other training or how many you do at 1 time, just reach a daily goal of non gym workouts. It sounds pointless but it really does work. My friend used to work out in his garage lifting the rear axle of a car, just whenever he had 15 minutes he would go bust out a few reps. Guy looked like a beast and never went to the gym. Im not going to go buy a home gym, just got in that third world mindset (its where I grew up) and have bucket of concrete and a few cinder blocks in the garage to toss around. It works and only takes 15 minutes to reach muscle failure if you’re inventive and go hard. I can do it 3-4 times a day easy and doesn’t cost any money or even require leaving the house, also it builds functional muscle as most movements are compound and not isolating lifts.

That is not necessarily what everybody’s style of training is geared toward, its not a static program and I might get more out of a set workout but it works for me. The gym is a block away, which is convenient but its nice to be able to bang out a workout in my PJs.


What man wears PJ’s? I would have preferred if you had said skivvies or in the buff but PJ’s… really?


Skivvies lol showing your age :joy:


No… every veteran or serving military man knows men wear skivvies… from age 18 to 80.


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