Dragging A$$ during iron time


Ever have them days when you get into the gym and just can’t shake the lethargic and dragging ass feeling? This happens to me every so often. After my session all day long I’m just left wondering, why? I run all the possibilities through my mind, is it diet, lack of sleep, macro deficit? But when I know nothing has changed out if my norm. Diet stays consistent, I try to stay on a steady sleep schedule, no life changing events happening to mess with my mental. Is this my body telling me " hey fall back, I need a break"? Has anyone encountered this? And if you have what is your conclusion as to why?


I tend to have this happen at the beginning of every cycle. I believe that it is just my body acclimating to the compounds.
I had a cycle once where I know that it was due to lack of carbs. I had a crazy idea to cut all the carbs out of my diet. It literally left me for dead. I had zero energy and couldn’t get anything done.
I have also heard stories about dehydration, orals, high estrogen, low estrogen. I think that I have heard about everything causing this to happen to people.
Im curious what others believe about this topic. What has caused it for them.
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That is so true about cutting carbs. To be honest that’s why I’m very hesitant to jumping on this keto train. As long as I been in the aas game I always cycled carbs, personally I feel like my carb intake is crucial to how I feel and how I perform even in daily activities.


You won’t lack energy in ketosis. In fact, just the opposite.


How long is the average person take to finally reach Ketosis?


Ketosis exists in the abcense of glucose and once glycogen stores are depleted. Adjustment and adaptation can happen in a matter of days or as long as a few weeks.


I figured a few weeks but I guess like everything it is based on the individual


Now say I’m getting ready to start start a clean lean bulk ( stay tuned log coming soon ) would recommend keto? Is it possible to add clean pounds in a deficit?


I wouldn’t recommend a keto diet for anyone who is looking to bulk unless they already have excellent or superior muscle development.

Is it possible to gain lean mass in ketosis? Sure but it is not the best diet for that.

In a deficit I would be more concerned about muscle retention than lean muscle gain. Gaining muscle in a deficit is very difficult. The more body fat you have the better odds of it being possible.


Funny how you mention dragging ass today @Raphael3636. … did you happen to read my log this afternoon?


I know what you mean brother! I felt the same way today, 9 times outta 10 I’ll push through it and feel better towards the end, but for some reason today I just couldn’t kick it into high gear. By the way I’ve just started browsing through your log, idk why I didn’t see this earlier, but killer job brother, dedicated 110 %


Thanks man, I’m a beginner with guiding hands and seeing amazing things come from it, but it is very strange how every day can be consistent with diet and routine but yet things change drastically


Let me add that I appreciate you looking threw my log… anytime you read something and want to add a comment please chime in!


That’s the beauty of this whole process brotha! Consistency, motivation, and dedication!


I was about to say that lol, I always seem to have more energy in the absence of carbs but also note that if the overall calories are very low that could mess with energy levels & not because of the low carbs


I wrote something awhile back for this exact thing. Let me see if I can find it


Found it.

I don’t really like to discuss “mindsets” so to speak but I just can’t let it go sometimes lol. There’s very few times in a person’s life that I feel like they truly may not be able to control emotions, drive, motivation, etc. Very few. If you’re in your right mind and generally healthy, you can make your body do whatever you want it to. You can make yourself think however you want. If you truly don’t want to do something, there will be no making yourself though. That’s your subconscious controlling your conscious. I have personally seen myself and other men push their minds and bodies through the toughest shit that man and this planet can throw at us and keep moving forward. You can call it motivation, will, fear or whatever you like but a decision was made at some point to push and do whatever needed to be done to complete the mission. Same goes for your every day life. So if you just couldnt get into it, it’s because you decided it’s what you didnt want to do. Theres no problem with that, especially when it’s just a workout and not survival lol. I go through days like that myself but ultimately I know I made a decision to continue to feel that certain way and I let it drive my workout. Did I lose you or are you still tracking? So if you’re feeling that way, take a minute to realize that you’re in the driver seat making the decisions. Fake motivation is still a form of motivation right? Perception is reality in the case of your motivation.


I like that statement! Freaking awesome


Great write up! I can relate to what you mean by pushing yourself through the toughest of times, when I was doing 24hr. missions in Iraq/Afghanistan my body just wanted to give but my mindset was I need to keep my battle buddy next to me and myself alive and I would push through it. Really does come down to what your telling yourself subconsciously.


For sure I believe that 100%