Dr. Crisler - why men need estradiol sensitive vs estradiol


This was VERY eye opening for me. I have already emailed my dr to get my test updated. Thought many of you may wanna check this out. There is a thread on a diff board where a person tested using both tests in many situations and proves this to be true.

From Dr Crisler (well known trt doc for his research on it):

“On the subject of laboratory testing, many years ago I realized the standard assay for Estradiol, known as “E2” (the major player in estrogen evaluation, so it’s the first one we test), by a laboratory technique called immunoassay, is not valid for adult males. That means we can draw NO conclusions from its result whatsoever. NONE. Instead, estrogen in males MUST be tested by the LC/MS technology. Here is a list of the major labs, and the correct E2 test to order:

Quest Diagnostics “Ultrasensitive Estradiol” # 30289
LabCorp “Sensitive Estradiol” #140244
Mayo Clinic “Enhanced Estradiol” #EEST
ARUP “Estradiol TMS” #93247

IF you run the incorrect standard estradiol assay on an adult male patient, each of these labs will include a paragraph straightening you out. For the Quest Diagnostics laboratory, that paragraph appears because of my work with them, many years ago. I had run both standard and LC/MS assays on many patients: their clinical response matched the better testing methodology. I was widely attacked for that position at the time. The science is now well-accepted.

The reason the standard E2 assay (made for women) is not valid for adult males is because the concentration of estrogen is just too low in men for this more crude methodology to be reliable. Also, numerous things like CRP, progesterone, and even a form of AI falsely elevate its result. That means the doctor who relies on it—and treats solely by the numbers on a piece of paper, instead of how the patient actually feels—may mistakenly add in an AI. Since estrogen would then be lowered in a patient whose estrogen was not high to begin with, that tanks the estrogen level. Low estrogen is ALWAYS bad for you: bones are demineralized, the Lipid Profile is blown, joints begin to ache (as they dry out), headaches, and loss of libido. The emotional component of a man’s sexual being comes from estrogen.“


Thanks for sharing. Great information. Fortunately I have been using the sensitive version for several years.


Unfortunately I’m behind the 8 ball lol. But no longer. Crazy how we’re always learning. Not at all surprised my doc was clueless tho. Hopefully she lets me switch. She pretty much just does whatever I ask :joy: I have to do all my own research.


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