Don't be afriad to go get checked by the doctor


Can’t say I could relate, make a post asking the same question. You may have better luck getting responses that way.



Did he use gear or just a bad heart?


My problem is I wake up over and over so I sleep for an hour or 2 then wake up then go back to sleep in around 15-30 minutes it sucks not being able to just sleep.
Its because of my job im kinda on call 24hrs a day so my body never really gets in to a deep sleep


Who has time to sleep, life happens to quick… @Bigmurph I can relate, I wake up so many times thru the night, I always look at the clock radio, and figure out how many consecutive MINUTES I got in, I’ve established that anything over 45 mins consecutive is a good streak


And I can assure everybody that you will get enough sleep when your dead,so I’ve been told.


im with @Bigmurph on the sleep patterns… I can fall asleep quick sometimes, but when i do its a guarantee I’m up within 2 hours, and back to sleep again after about 20 minutes… but back up again 2 hours later. Sucks when I have to be up at 3:30am most days to be at work by 5 for a 10 hour shift!


I never get into a deep sleep. I think as fathers husbands ect we put to much stress on ourselves and keep this stess bottled up