Don't be afriad to go get checked by the doctor


I just got word that a friend of mine died at age 49 from a heart attack. I remember last time he visited me he wasnt feeling too well. But he dismissed it and went about things. Said it was no big deal. He left behind 2 kids.


OMGGG that is beyond tragic and sad. His poor wife and kids. Nothing is worth losing your life especially not listening to the signs your body is giving. I get a physical and bloodwork at least yearly. I can not leave my son and my girl they rely on me so much. Ultimately its in God’s hands but we must do our best to take the best care of ourselves possible given the game we play! Im sorry for your loss @TrenGod


Yeah thanks bro. He was regularly running for years and last time he was visiting was complaining that we walked too fast and just didnt feel good.

If anyone feels anything too far wrong they need to get checked out.


Makes me think that im gonna listen to any sign my body gives me and not leave anything to chance


Incredibly sorry for your loss brother. My prayers and condolences go out to his wife, child, family and you.


Damn bro I’m so sorry. I know how close you guys were. Sending prayers your way and his families way


Sorry for your loss


Very sorry bro. Can’t agree more though, health should always be top of mind in this game.


I’m sorry for your lost bro, I’m glad you shared this. I have a problem with going to the doctor, and even if I do go for any issues then I often understate anything that is wrong. I would absolutely hate to put my loved ones through this so maybe I should start being more comfortable with doctors.(funny thing is I’m back in med school and I’m well aware of how dumb I’m being)


Thanks guys. Yeah its an eye opener and looking at the symptoms prior most likely could have been avoided. We put things in our system that put a stress on the body and we should listen to it.


Sorry for your loss brother. I really feel for kids that lose a parent. It’s unimaginable thing to go through that as a child.


Great…20 months for my APRN NP…in a very autonomous state! I’m still the worst patient but we always know just enough to get more nervous.


@trengod my prayers go out…I’ve had the same thing happen and I used to get checked like a hypochondriac. Then after all the your fines", I think the older we get it s like not if but . when am I going to hear what I don’t like.


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Sorry for your loss brother, definitely important to get checked and listen to your body.




As far as testing we can do, with or without a doctor, what is available for checking cardiac risk?

I suppose inflammation markers like c reactive protein…
What else can we check on a budget?


There are some doctors and studies that disagree with the standard idea of ldl causing heart disease.
I found a couple places near me that do coronary artery scans for as little as 200.00
Anyone ever had one done?


Yep… Out of pocket cost… $149