Don long sentenced for steroid bust



Damn that sux for him! They got too flagrant and relaxed with it and must have had a huge operation going to warrant that kind of fines and time in prison. Regardless gotta be so careful big brother is watching


They only got 18 months and it says that they were able to charge 8 more people that means imo I don’t know for sure but they were most likely to be the snitches in this case. It sucks for the other 8 people who probably got 10-15yrs a piece.
Do the crime do your time don’t throw others into the fire to save yourself.
Sorry I read 18 months and couldn’t believe that didn’t mean to go on a rant.
Happy 4th brother to you and your family


@Bigmurph oh I know totally agree Bro. That’s first thing I thought. Happy 4th to you and family as well


You also brother enjoy the grilled protien.
I like holidays always get a solid diet day.
Happy 4th to you and your fam


Happy 4th to you both enjoy it!


29 grams a protein in the burgers I was so nicely serving yesterday